3 Dirty Little Secrets of the Pots and Planters Industry

Posted by Jason W on Mar 30th 2022

I hate to break it to you, but the pots and planters industry is not what you think. There’s no covert Pots and Planters Drug Syndicate – that I know of – but if you take a peek behind the curtain, what you find will shock you.

So in this post, I’m going to peel back that curtain and expose some of the trickery that shafts the little guys (ie: customers) and keeps the big guys in the money.

Curious? Let’s get into it.

Dirty Little Secret #1: Crappy Pots and Planters Sell Like Hotcakes (So That’s All They Offer)

This might come as a shocker, but most big box retailers aren’t out for your best interest.

They’re there to sell a lot of products and keep their costs as low as humanly possible…period. So when it comes to pots and planters, they’re asking themselves one thing: “How can we move as many of these things off our shelves, as fast as possible, as cheaply as possible?”

The end result → they care more about getting them off their property than how they’ll function on your property.

Instead of high quality products that look fantastic for years and hold up to all kinds of weather…they sell the crappy stuff. And you get stuck with it. Which is fine with them, because within a year or so, you’ll be back buying another one (they hope).

Lower quality products may be totally fine if you’re a hobbyist or you’re just decorating a space for the short term. But if you’re designing a space to last, or making long-term product recommendations to paying clients…it’s important.

Dirty Little Secret #2: Not All Pots and Planters Are Safe to Grow In (But They Won’t Tell You That)

Thankfully, there are regulations around which materials you can use for growing plants. So no, you’re – most likely – not going to accidentally buy a pot that will straight up poison your ficus tree. BUT, there are certain materials and finishes that can affect the growth of your plants. For instance, metal containers heat up a LOT in the sun. That can cause certain flora to overheat and die. If you’re purely buying based on price or aesthetic, you’re going to be disappointed.

Another semi-sketchy material commonly used in planters is cement. Cement can actually increase the pH levels of your soil and decrease your plant’s ability to absorb nutrients over time. (Not to mention, cement planters can be more difficult to clean and are heavy as all get out!)

I’ve also found that plastic planters can be harmful for long-term growing plants. Not because of the material itself – the plastic is inert and completely safe for growing – but because they just don’t last as long. When exposed to heat, sun, and the effects of the weather, plastic planters often break down sooner than you’d expect. You may find yourself having to replace or repot your plants as a result, which can threaten the life of the plant.

That’s one of the reasons I only sell fiberglass planters here.

They’re incredibly durable, don’t leach anything into your soil, and can give your plants a beautiful home for a long time.

Dirty Little Secret #3: Sure, They COULD Customize It, But It’s Easier to Give You Less Options

Ever been shopping online and thought “I want that thing but in a different color”?

Well, if you’re buying pots or planters on most websites, you’re probably S.O.L. and stuck with whatever options they have in stock.

If you’re just looking for something to fill up a space, that’s usually fine.

But if you’re looking for exactly what you need to fit your style or your client’s design aesthetic, you need more customization options.

Here at, I think you should have those options. That’s why we offer a crazy amount of control and allow you to customize any of our products with over 50 different finishes in multiple sizes.

Many of the big box retailers could offer hundreds of options to get you exactly what you need, but it’s more cost effective for them to trim it down to what’s most popular right now.

“Want a 65 gallon tall tapered square planter in Oxblood Red? Sorry, don’t have that. But may we interest you in a nice Yellow, Gray, or Turquoise? They’re very popular this year.”

They could give you more options. But it’s more profitable for them not to.

My Dirty Little Secret

If you’re reading this, my guess is you want to appoint your indoor or outdoor spaces with style and sophistication WITHOUT buying a pot or planter that’s going to:

  • Deteriorate in a couple years
  • Harm your plants
  • Restrict your design options
  • Require a forklift to move an inch
  • Take forever to ship (or maybe never show up at all).

If that’s the case, then allow me to let you in on my dirty little secret…

I’ve built this entire company around the idea that you deserve gorgeous pots and planters that you can customize to your (or your client’s) heart’s content. And that you should be able to lift and move them relatively easily. And that they should last for a really really long time. And that you should be able to get them in days or weeks…not months.

So if that sounds like the sort of thing you’re into…you’re in the right place.

Explore Our Catalog Here.

- Jason W.

PS: This post may get me in a little trouble with the Pots and Planters Mafia (just kidding…there is no such thing…I hope…).

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