Container Ideas for Privacy

Using container plants for privacy is a creative method that adds color and life to any space. From offices that want their teams to work without distraction, homeowners that have outdoor spaces overlooked by neighbors, to restaurants that want their customers to dine without prying eyes, container plants are the ideal solution.

You don’t need a large garden or outdoor space to maximize privacy with container plants. It's possible to create lush surroundings that enhance privacy to the max using your environment and the right plants combined with the right containers. 

Here are some of our top container ideas for privacy.



Using Trees

While plants are usually the first thing you think of when considering using containers, trees can be just at home in them. You’ll usually need larger containers, which themselves are brilliant for privacy, but the trees too will keep any prying eyes away. 

The kinds of trees you choose will depend on your climate and the effect you're going for. If you're designing planters for privacy in your backyard, you might not need evergreens for that all-year-round effect. After all, are you really going to be sunbathing in the winter?

However, if you do require privacy all year round, consider using tall privacy planters filled with a combination of deciduous trees and evergreens. This will result in an amazingly balanced feel that provides you with a stunning dappled effect as the sun rises and goes down. 

The Shrub Solution

When most people think about planters for privacy, they think of trees. Shrubs are a great alternative, even though they might not be as tall. The good thing about using shrubs is that you can shape them how you like!

Of course, not everyone wants a shrub that looks like a Christmas tree all year. That’s not a problem, as plenty of evergreen shrubs look fantastic in containers and outdoor privacy planters. Head to your local garden center and ask about the best types of shrubs for your climate. Ideally, you want a fast-growing broadleaf evergreen like an Arborvitae.


Once you have your shrubs all potted, place them in as long a line as needed. You can use them as border lines for any space or cluster them together in corners. The result will be added color and life while also adding the privacy that you only thought was possible with tall privacy planters.

Growing Bamboo

One of the most popular plants for privacy, bamboo is fantastic. It’s brilliant for pots and containers too, because it won’t spread and grow out of control, unlike planting bamboo straight into the ground. And that’s not even the best thing about bamboo.

One of the reasons bamboo is one of the most popular outdoor privacy planters is that it’s light, airy, and can easily be moved as needed. It can be utilized as the foundation of your privacy fence planters, creating a wall of stunningly light seclusion. 

There are 100s of varieties of bamboo, so make sure that you know what you're getting. Some make for better privacy fence planters than others, and you’ll want a variety that doesn’t grow too big. Look for Seabreeze bamboo, multiplex hedge bamboo, or Buddha Belly bamboo.

Don’t overlook that bamboo will dry out quickly if it’s not watered, and the climate does affects them. 


Using Planters for Privacy

From making your own secluded space with well-placed planters for privacy to creating a more private space using privacy fence planters, the only limit is your imagination. Think about where you need your borders to be and the eye lines of onlookers.

Use the right outdoor privacy planters combined with the best trees, shrubs, or bamboo, and your privacy or the privacy of your employees or customers will be much more certain. Take the time to get it right, and you’ll never have to worry about the prying eyes of nosy neighbors ever again.


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