Custom Planters

Whether it is for interior or exterior design, the optimum setup is created when all elements of the space work together as one. A pleasing arrangement is hard to come by if you’re forever searching for features with distinct dimensions to fit perfectly into specific spaces. If you settle for half-measures you might jeopardize your setup with ill-equipped and out-of-place design features.

Our custom metal planters offer an immediate solution for both residential or commercial settings while guaranteeing style and elegance. They get straight to the point and provide you with exactly what it is you need. Planters can be used in a variety of ways, but with our custom metal planters, you remove any risk of compromising on time or fit by getting something that is made to measure. 

Whether our custom metal planters are used to fill a corner, section off an area, highlight an entryway, or line a walkway, they are certain to help create a unique, fully-functional, and visually appealing space. 


What Are the Benefits of Custom Metal Planters? 

Custom metal planters offer a bespoke solution for your design scheme. They are tailor-made to you and your usage. With color, size, and shape being completely customizable characteristics, you can be sure you’ll get exactly what you need in a hand-crafted planter that ticks all the boxes. 

Don’t settle for a planter that isn’t quite right. If you can’t find a convenient shape or size, a custom metal planter will offer a flawless option so that you don’t have anything to worry about further down the line.

Made from your choice of either aluminum or corten steel, the durability of our custom metal planters is as faultless as their adaptability. Both aluminum and corten steel are extremely sturdy materials that allow our custom steel planters to thrive both outdoors and in. They are built to resist harsh conditions while offering a pleasing aesthetic to any interior or exterior space.

Whether you are looking for something with rustic charm or a modern appeal, our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life with one of our high-quality custom metal planters.

Custom Planters


Finding the perfect sized planter can be a tricky task if the market is limited — especially if what you’re looking for has specific dimensions. From smaller size planters used to adorn a tabletop or large planters used to stand elegantly either side of an entryway, custom metal modern planters allow you to choose the exact measurements you want. Whether you’re looking for something similar to the small, sleek quadrilateral Tapered Planter Box or a large and luxurious choice like our Wannsee Round Tree Planter, our team can custom create the exact size you need. 


Style can make or break your décor’s overall theme. We offer a range of choices when it comes to shape, detailing, and finish to make sure your custom metal planter can take any space to new heights. With non-custom options, you are limited to what is already available, but our extensive range means that there are a wide variety of ideas and inspiration to work with.

You might be after something with the minimalistic contemporary boxed feel of the Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Box, or you might prefer a traditional planter like the classic Granby Accent Planter. Whatever your angle, our custom approach lets you specify your exact requirements and lay out your idea so that we can help turn it from vision to reality.

Corten Steel

What Are Custom Metal Planters Made From?

Aluminum – Designed for durability and performance, our custom planters for commercial and residential projects are made from heavy-gauge, marine-grade, recycled 5052 aluminum alloy. This material, used in boat and shipbuilding, offers a custom metal planter with an unparalleled sturdiness that will certainly meet and exceed your expectations.

Corten Steel – Corten is a corrosion-resistant weathering steel. It’s a steel that, if left uncoated, develops an outer layer of rust patina. This patina protects the steel from additional corrosion and creates an authentic look, allowing you to go with either a coated, neat look or a unique, rustic feel.


Interested in a custom-made planter? Whether you’re looking for one planter or 100 custom metal planters, our customer service team will be more than happy to help you explore the options and outline the specifics of your tailor-made planter. Have a read of our blog post on planter design ideas to help get you inspired in the meantime!