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Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Box

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Pots, Planters & More stands by the quality of our fiberglass manufactured plant…


Pots, Planters & More stands by the quality of our fiberglass manufactured planters. Each planter holds a three (3) year warranty from the time of acceptance of the product. We warrant the initial purchaser of our products that they are of quality material and workmanship, and are free of manufacturing defects. Pots, Planters & More, at their sole discretion, will repair, exchange, or give credit for the original purchase price of any item proving to be of defective materials or workmanship. Mishandling, misuse, abuse, failure to follow directions for use, unauthorized modifications, neglect, accidents or any other hazard to the product voids the three year warranty. Each planter comes with handling and planting instructions to ensure the longevity of your planter. It is highly encouraged to follow these instructions for the best use of your planters from Pots, Planters & More. Please note that it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that water be able to drain sufficiently from the containers with outdoor use. This is notably important in regions that are subjected to freezing conditions. Please note that Pots, Planters & More will not be liable for labor, shipping, delivery, installation or any other costs associated with a claim.


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The Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Box offers a sophisticated blend of classic appeal and contemporary design. The tall, narrow dimensions and minimalistic, modern style make it a striking addition to any interior or exterior space. 

The height of the Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Box means that plants can be displayed up high and stand out as invigorating, eye-catching features. They are used in stylish indoor spaces to highlight walkways or walls and bring natural elements inside the home but come into their own as defining pieces in both interior and outdoor spaces. 

Why Buy Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Boxes?

All of our Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Boxes are made from durable fiberglass and are hand-finished with a U.V. resistant automotive-grade paint. They deliver a sophisticated style and are equally as comfortable as an eye-catching piece of  interior design or as part of exterior design, where their durability will stand the test of time.

Effectively constructed to battle the elements, you are guaranteed a planter box that will deliver style and elegance for many years to come. With cutting-edge quality and unique visual appeal, these planters are a wise investment for any interior or exterior project.

Able to act as an anchor piece for any design theme or sit modestly in the backdrop while the greenery does the talking, the Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Box is as versatile as it is durable. Placed either side of a low-profile sofa instead of end tables, framing a door in elegant style, or lined up along a sidewalk, this lively planter has endless possibilities.

Our Range of Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Boxes

In three different sizes and over 45 different colors, there is an Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Box suited to everybody's needs. With your choice of premium hand-painted finishes, low gloss or high gloss, and the option of drainage holes or not, our Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Boxes are adaptable. 

Choose a neutral, minimalist shade that underscores the greenery injected by your selected plants or opt for a bold, contemporary color that has maximum impact on your design. Either way, the Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Box excels as a statement piece in any setting. A range of sizes and colors means you can find the right Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter for your space, giving it a unique touch that adds new life to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Please note that colors can look different on your computer monitor than in the lighting at the site where they will be installed. Please order a free sample from our fiberglass color samples to ensure color accuracy.

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Dimensions & Weights

24″ Amesbury – 24″L x 10″W x 32″H

36″ Amesbury – 36″L x 10″W x 32″H

48″ Amesbury – 48″L x 10″W x 32″H

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Do you have questions about any of our planters? Get in touch with our customer service team today, we’re more than happy to help. Why not also ask about our wholesale planters program? 

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