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Fiberglass Planters

If you’re looking for a way to improve the visual appeal of your space, whether indoors or outdoors, then fiberglass planters are something you should definitely take into consideration. They can elevate your garden, living room, or any other place you put them in without overdoing it (unless you want them to become the centerpiece of your space). 

Our fiberglass planters are not only lightweight and adaptable to almost any space because of the wide range of shades available to choose from but also weather-resistant - they’re specifically made to last you for years regardless of where they’re placed. They’re meant to withstand rain, sunshine, frost, and any weather conditions without cracking or chipping. 

While we do offer a three-year warranty just in case something does happen, we’re sure that our fiberglass planters will last you even longer. So, why don’t you take a look at the available selection and find your favorite fiberglass planter today?

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Learn About Our Fiberglass Planters

Fiberglass material is reinforced plastic, built by interweaving tiny glass fibers. The glass fibers are laid out in random adjoining patterns and held together with a cohesive substance, usually a form of resin.

 The design of fiberglass planters makes them incredibly hardwearing. If durability is one of your biggest concerns, fiberglass planters might be your best option.

The combination of flexible fibers and sturdy resin compounds ensures every pot and planter box made from fiberglass material is outstandingly durable. 

Fiberglass is highly resistant to damage and corrosion, making fiberglass planters perfect for outdoor spaces and high-traffic areas. As if specially made for planters, fiberglass materials were built to last in all conditions. Wherever you can think to incorporate container gardening products, fiberglass planters will fit perfectly.

Besides being durable, fiberglass planters have several other benefits that make them the ideal choice for any setting.

Fiberglass Is Lighter Weight than More Traditional Materials

Fiberglass has a much lighter weight than other materials, such as stone, concrete, or terracotta, making them easier to move around and maintain than these heavier products.

Fiberglass Planters Are Affordable

The design process involved in making fiberglass planters is also efficient, which keeps costs down and allows you to enjoy more affordable pricing. Their long-lasting durability also means you won’t need to spend money replacing planters every year or two like you would with plastic planters.

These planters have a low initial investment cost, and they’re cost-effective in the long run too.

There Are a Range of Fiberglass Planter Shapes That Accommodate Different Designs 

The fiberglass manufacturing process means these planters can be made into a wide range of shapes and sizes. They can be fashioned into any number of beautiful, elegant, and modern shapes and are available in a wide range of colors

So if you have specific design ideas, especially any that involve vivid pops of color, sweeping curves, or cutting lines, fiberglass is the perfect material for show-stopping aesthetics.

At Pots, Planters & More, all our planters are carefully constructed to combine form and function. They’re designed to withstand any weather conditions all year round, and they’re available in a variety of styles and colors. 

Here’s why you should choose our fiberglass planters:

  • A huge range of colors and styles — Your planters can help you express your brand’s personality and create a welcoming space for customers, visitors, or staff. So we make sure you have a range of colors and styles to choose from. You’ll find planters to suit all of your design ideas. 
  • Sizes to suit your space — We have small, medium, and large planters made from fiberglass. Wherever you need planters for — an expansive garden, patio, or wraparound balconies — we stock the sizes you need.
  • All planters have the option of drainage holes — Proper drainage is hugely important for the health of your plants, especially if they’re positioned outdoors. We offer drainage holes in all of our planters so excess water can drain from the soil, reducing the risk of root rot.
  • Free shipping — Just do your planter shopping at our online store, and we’ll deliver your planters free of charge. 
  • Our friendly team is always happy to help — If you need more information or help choosing the best planters for your business, we can offer personalized advice. 

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