Saint Tropez Tall Vase Planter Pot

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Pots, Planters & More stands by the quality of our fiberglass manufactured plant…


Pots, Planters & More stands by the quality of our fiberglass manufactured planters. Each planter holds a three (3) year warranty from the time of acceptance of the product. We warrant the initial purchaser of our products that they are of quality material and workmanship, and are free of manufacturing defects. Pots, Planters & More, at their sole discretion, will repair, exchange, or give credit for the original purchase price of any item proving to be of defective materials or workmanship. Mishandling, misuse, abuse, failure to follow directions for use, unauthorized modifications, neglect, accidents or any other hazard to the product voids the three year warranty. Each planter comes with handling and planting instructions to ensure the longevity of your planter. It is highly encouraged to follow these instructions for the best use of your planters from Pots, Planters & More. Please note that it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that water be able to drain sufficiently from the containers with outdoor use. This is notably important in regions that are subjected to freezing conditions. Please note that Pots, Planters & More will not be liable for labor, shipping, delivery, installation or any other costs associated with a claim.


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16 inch
38 inch
32 inch
12 inch
20 inch
43 inch


Lift your eye toward high style with our slender, curved Saint Tropez vase-style planter.

  • Gentle curves and a subtle taper give this tall planter elegance
  • Place one on a tabletop or line up several to define a space
  • Gracefully draws the eye upward to highlight a piece of art or striking window

Colors depicted on your screen may vary from how the planter looks in different lighting situations. To guarantee color match, please order a sample from our available color swatches.

Drainage: Choose no drainage for indoor, or add drainage for outdoor applications

Material: Fiberglass

Finish: Over 20+ standard matte and gloss finishes 

Display refined style with our 32″ tall Saint Tropez planter. Featuring a slender shape, gentle curves and a subtle taper at the bottom, the Saint Tropez is both understated and eye-catching. Despite its delicate appearance, the Saint Tropez is quite durable, constructed from high-quality fiberglass that won’t chip, crack or fade when exposed to sunlight or harsh weather conditions or when moved from one area to another. Place on a tabletop or use to divide one area from another. Available in a variety of hand-painted finishes to complement your space.

With its gently curving tapered shape, substantial height, and refined appearance, our 38″ Saint Tropez planter is perfect for spaces wanting a touch of elegance and elongation. Use to frame a doorway, or line up along a walkway or hall – with its smooth yet durable fiberglass construction, the Saint Tropez can be used indoors or out without worry that it will break down in cold weather or bleach in the sunlight. Available in a variety of hand-painted colors in either glossy or matte finishes.

Standing nearly four feet tall and gently curving toward a tapered base, our Saint Tropez vase planter offers a graceful way to draw the eye upward to highlight a piece of art or striking window, or can define a space with sophistication. A selection of gloss and matte finishes from subtle neutrals to bright hues allows our Saint Tropez planter to subtly complement a variety of design styles or make a statement on its own. Its refined curves convey a delicate effect, but sturdy fiberglass construction protects your investment for years to come.

Dimensions & Weights

69626.12 – 12″D x 32″H – 10″D Opening – 10 lb

69626.16 – 16″D x 38″H – 13.25″D Opening – 15 lb

69626.20 – 20″D x 43″H – 17″D Opening – 23.25 lb

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