Jay Scotts

Founded in 2004 by a group of friends looking to bring more beauty to residential yards and homes, Jay Scotts has since expanded to commercial options as well. A top choice on the market for their undeniable craftsmanship and durability, this brand brings elegance, function, and visual appeal to any area. When shopping for the latest in Jay Scotts planters, find all the most desirable options right here to complete any project with style to spare.

We are pleased to bring our customers a distinguished lineup of Jay Scotts planters in a range of choices. Known for their artful visual appeal, these pots display a range of styles from modern to classic for a choice to match any taste. Are you looking for a rectangle or square shape to place against a wall for a dramatic centerpiece? Are you looking for large planters to line a sidewalk outside your commercial or retail location? Do you love the friendly playfulness of round tapered pots in bright yellow? Do you prefer muted colors to act as anchor pieces rather than standout elements? Whatever your preference on these matters, find the perfect choice for your location with our selection of Jay Scotts planters.

While style is important, we know durability also matters. When you choose Jay Scotts planters, rest assured you are getting both style and substance in one elegant design. The durable fiberglass is strong yet lightweight so you can move the pot from one spot to another without worry. These planters are also coated with U.V. resistant and weatherproof finishes so they can within the elements outdoors without fading over time. Bringing style and durability to life in each modern design, these planters are sure to please in any home or business setting!

We are pleased to be your source for all your planter needs. If you have questions while shopping with us, please contact us today. Our team is always happy to assist you in any manner.