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Pots, Planters & More stands by the quality of our fiberglass manufactured plant…


Pots, Planters & More stands by the quality of our fiberglass manufactured planters. Each planter holds a three (3) year warranty from the time of acceptance of the product. We warrant the initial purchaser of our products that they are of quality material and workmanship, and are free of manufacturing defects. Pots, Planters & More, at their sole discretion, will repair, exchange, or give credit for the original purchase price of any item proving to be of defective materials or workmanship. Mishandling, misuse, abuse, failure to follow directions for use, unauthorized modifications, neglect, accidents or any other hazard to the product voids the three year warranty. Each planter comes with handling and planting instructions to ensure the longevity of your planter. It is highly encouraged to follow these instructions for the best use of your planters from Pots, Planters & More. Please note that it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that water be able to drain sufficiently from the containers with outdoor use. This is notably important in regions that are subjected to freezing conditions. Please note that Pots, Planters & More will not be liable for labor, shipping, delivery, installation or any other costs associated with a claim.


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Our Montroy Cube Square Planter Box turns heads and makes a bold statement wherever it’s placed. Each square planter pot is molded from thick, high-quality fiberglass so that it’s ultra-durable and extra tough. 

The sleek Montroy Cube planter has a shape that offers a timeless style perfect for any décor or space. No matter where you place the Montroy Cube Planter, it’s sure to make an impression that lasts. Available in several hand-painted finishes, you can customize your planter box to suit any design scheme. If you want to create something truly striking, it’s incredibly easy to combine multiple square boxes for a bigger, bolder effect that will be hard to beat.

When most people think of plant pots they think of the round design like the classic Wannsee Large Round Tree Planter or the Alzira Round Tapered Plant Pot. Square planter boxes are the solution if you want something a little different. More than simply decorative, they're a stylish and practical solution to adding life and color wherever you need it most.

Why Buy the Montroy Cube Planter Box?

The Montroy Cube Square Planter Box benefits from visually appealing clean lines and geometric shapes. Although the right plants can make it work in a more traditional space, it truly comes into its own and is best suited to a contemporary or modern space. 

That modernity is why it’s such a popular plant solution for tech startups who want the benefits of plants in the office without the traditional plant pot solutions.

Not only does the Montroy Cube Planter look fantastic, but it’s also weather-resistant, with an easy-clean finish and super-durable build. You won’t have to worry about frost or sun damage, and chips and cracks are something that you simply won’t ever have to think about. This is an investment that will pay back in dividends for years to come.

The Montroy Cube Planter is built to withstand all the elements, made of tough fiberglass that won't break down or wear over time. You also have a choice of customized finishes to help you adapt the planter to your décor. So if you're looking for square planter boxes for your office, restaurant, hotel lobby, or even your home, you can match your color schemes and brand colors to your planters.

Put your plants center stage with this simple yet stylish planter built to exude elegance and sophistication. Place it along walkways, flank doorways, or display it in the office to add some life. If you have smaller spaces to fill, choose the smaller size planters with more colorful plants to add that refreshing splash of color. 

The Montroy Cube Square Planter Box is sleek, contemporary, and, due to its minimalist design, can adapt and evolve to any changes in the décor of your room for years to come.

One of the best things about using square planter boxes is that you can end up saving a lot of money on your watering and your fertilizer. Compared to round pots, a square planter pot will have around 22% less runoff. Not only that, but your plants will live longer too, simply because those square planter boxes can hold up to 8% more soil than a round version of the same size.

If you have a modern space to fill, whether at home or work, and you want to move away from the traditional round pot, the Montroy Cube Planter simply makes sense. Add that sense of elegant geometry to your spaces with a range of square plant pots, or have a single large high impact square planter to create a satisfying focal point.

Colors depicted on your screen may vary from how the planter looks in different lighting situations. To guarantee a color match, please order a sample from our available color swatches.

Order Fiberglass Color Samples

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Textured Planters Are Non-returnable.

Dimensions & Weights

69141.16 – 16″L x 16″W x 16″H – 12.8″L x 12.8″W opening – 12.1 lb

69141.22 – 22″L x 22″W x 22″H – 17.5″L x 17.5″W opening – 20.3 lb

69141.24 – 24″L x 24″W x 24″H – 22″L x 22″W opening – 32.2 lb

69141.28 – 28″L x 28″W x 28″H – 23.2″L x 23.2″W opening – 39.7 lb

69141.32 – 32″L x 32″W x 32″H – 28.8″L x 28.8″W opening – 53.8 lb

69141.36 – 36″L x 36″W x 36″H – 33″L x 33″W opening – 68.3 lb

69141.40 – 40″L x 40″W x 40″H – 36.8″L x 36.8″W opening – 88.4 lb

Availability: In-stock planters typically ship in five to seven business days. This range may be adjusted during peak seasons. 

Drainage: Optional. Drainage holes are recommended for outdoor installations.

Material: Fiberglass

Finish: Choose from over 32 UV-resistant and durable textured finishes to fit your design. Colors and textures depicted on your screen may vary from in-hand appearance. Please order a free sample from our color swatches to ensure true color accuracy.

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