Pots and Planters Guides

If you want to decorate your workplace with new planters but don’t have the time to study a course in horticulture, then look no further — we’ve compiled the best guides on everything you need.

Garden & Landscape Design Ideas for Your Commercial Space

There are so many pots and planters you can use to improve the style of your workspace, so we've listed all the best ones for the most common workspaces. Want to know the best planters to use for a restaurant or an office? We’ve got you covered in our best planters for workspaces guides.

Planter Material Pros and Cons

Metal, resin, stone, fiberglass… so many materials, so many choices, but which to choose? Read our handy pros and cons guides to learn more about planter materials, the effects they can have on your business environment, and the good and bad of each type.

Planter Shape and Size Information

You have some beautiful plants, and you know which materials you want for your planters. But which shape should the planter be? And how should you arrange plants that are in square or round planters? All is revealed in our nifty plant arrangement guides.

Planting and Maintenance Tips for your Planters

To get the best use of your plant pots, you need to prepare them for planting. Once everything is planted, there are some things you can do to maintain your pots and keep them in top condition. Take a look at our guides on planter maintenance.

Impressive Planter Design Ideas

If you want to catch people’s eyes, then take a look at our design guides. We share top design tips for all types of planters. Learn how to give your plant that finishing touch while adding stylistic sophistication to your workspace.

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