Plant Container Size Guides

If your business sits alongside a busy city sidewalk, in a shopping mall, or up in a high-rise building, cultivating stunning shrubs, flowers and trees might seem impossible. However, with container gardening, you too can benefit from the color, vibrancy, and fragrance living greenery brings to both interior and exterior landscapes.

And, it's not just about the plants. The planters housing them also add to your decor's overall aesthetic and can match your brand. Plus, they can play several functional roles like sectioning off different seating areas, blocking unsightly views, guiding traffic to where it needs to be, and adding interest to dull and uninspiring corners. But, with so many planter shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from, finding the best one to keep your botanical beauties flourishing can be a challenge.

To help, we've compiled a series of plant container size guides, covering everything you need to know. Information includes filling large planters without spending a fortune on expensive potting soil to the best plants to grow and arrange them.

Rectangular Planters Size Guide and Plant Arrangement Ideas

The sleek lines and sharp angles of rectangular planter boxes are fantastic for giving commercial schemes a contemporary touch. Plus, they provide extra space for growing multiple plants with minimal fuss, instantly amping up your curb appeal when positioned under a window or highlighting a deck or patio. 

Round Planters Size Guide and Plant Arrangement Ideas

Offering your foliage a sleek and stylish home, low round bowl planters in bright hues and dotted with quirky succulents can undoubtedly make an energetic design pop. While tall, elegant circular vases containing billowing grasses perfectly enhance elegant surroundings. 

Square Planters Size Guide and Plant Arrangement Ideas

Transform a restaurant dining room, hotel roof terrace, or office boardroom with square planters. Mix up your decor by positioning these pots in groups at varying heights, or keep things crisp and clean by lining them up next to each other.

Tall Planters Size Guide and Plant Arrangement Ideas

Draw the eye of passersby by using several tall planters to flank an entranceway or wow a new client by positioning them in your company's reception area. And if you opt for tall fiberglass planters, they'll also be lightweight, allowing you to change up your layout whenever you wish to keep up with the latest trends, and incredibly durable.

Large Planters Size Guide and Plant Arrangement Ideas

Big is beautiful, and large planters are guaranteed to blow your customers away. Fill them with a wide selection of varying plant species, neatly trimmed topiary or small palms, and fruit trees. The containers can accommodate the roots of your flora comfortably and create a visually striking display.