Custom Metal Planters

A pleasing space is the result of the right elements working together as a whole. With the use of our custom metal planters, create a space of elegance and beauty sure to stand out. Planters can be used in a variety of ways such as creating ambiance, sectioning off an area, highlighting an entry, or lining a walkway.

Benefits of Custom Planters

  • Size. When you are trying to find a certain size, the market may be a bit limited. With custom metal planters, you can find the exact size you need without worry. Whether looking for several smaller options perfect for a tabletop display or larger options to flank a doorway, our team can custom create the size you need for the space.
  • Style. The matter of style can make or break an overall décor theme. When it comes to the style, we offer a range of choices in terms of shape, detailing, and finish to help elevate any space to new heights. With non-custom options, you are limited to what is already available. A custom approach lets you create the exact item you want for the space without worry.
Custom Planters

We offer a few options for adding our custom metal planters to your location. Made with durable material in your choice of aluminum or Corten steel, our custom metal planters are built to last while offering a pleasing aesthetic value to any space. Whether you are looking for something with rustic charm or a modern appeal, our team is happy to bring your vision to life with our quality planters.

Aluminum / Corten Steel

Aluminum – Designed for durability and performance, our custom planters for commercial and residential projects are made from heavy-gauge, marine grade, recycled 5052 Aluminum Alloy that is also used for boat and ship building.

Corten Steel – Corten is a weathering steel. This material is a corrosion resistant steel, that left uncoated develops an outer layer rust patina. This patina protects the steel from additional corrosion and creates an impactful look.

From 1 planter to 100 planters, we can create an order to fit your needs. Call a planter specialist today at 1-855-208-2714 to discuss your plan and get a quote.

Corten Steel

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