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Add life and color to an otherwise outdated design or create lush scenes as part of new projects with our high-quality yet cost-effective selection of planter products.

Planters, Pots & More are 5-star rated industry specialists. Our range of outdoor planters are hard-wearing yet effortlessly stylish. Perfect for businesses and public organizations looking to bring the natural world to urban settings, discover planting pots purpose-built for the outdoors.

Learn About Our Large Planters

Larger planters are not a specific or set size. Instead, we would categorize them as any planter that you need two hands to hold, or help carrying. Large planters tend to start at around 12” in length, depth or height, right the way up to 60” or even more.

You will absolutely need a large planter if you have big plants. Most large plants require deep, and wide planters to allow their roots to fully take hold and set into the potted soil beneath. Without ample room to grow, these plants can have their lifecycle stunted and sometimes will even wilt and die.

Even if plants are not large, you may need large planters if you plan on placing lots of plants together. Again, this ensures ample rooting space so your plants do not have to compete with each other for the space they need to grow and thrive.

If you’re looking to incorporate very large plants, like trees, then large planters can provide essential stability and weight to secure the plant safely. This is particularly important if you’re planting in high-traffic areas such as a restaurant dining area, hotel lobby, business reception or public social space.

Large planters are fantastic options for new-age dividers and barriers. Do away with traditional methods of separating spaces, such as for office cubicles and lounging areas by the pool, and incorporate large plants to invite luscious life that brings beauty and elegance to the art of finding a bit of privacy. Large planters also serve well as design elements to direct flows of traffic, block off certain areas, and hide undesired spaces.

But large planters aren't all about practical applications. As powerful design statements, large planters offer bold and brazen appeal that catches the eye and draws attention. Well suited for completing a space, large planters can bring life to a dull hallway or complement a business entrance. They can also own a space, such as being placed as a centerpiece in a reception area or on the grounds of a courtyard area.

Modern, classy and sophisticated products that bring new layers of design brilliance to tired old spaces, large planters promise transformative effects for your business premises, both inside and out. Large planters really can be the linchpin on which your design rests.

Pots, Planters & More are dedicated to selling only the best large planter products on the market. Our items are guaranteed with our mark of quality, having all been hand-crafted and selected by the industry-leading Pots, Planters & More team. Available in a range of styles, colors and shapes, from rectangular planters to round planters, fiberglass planters to metal planters, our collection of large planters promises to fit with whatever design you’re trying to achieve, or whatever space you’re looking to fill. 

Got questions about our large planters? Get in touch with our friendly team of expert advisors today!And why not ask about our wholesale planter program when you do?

Large Planter Pots: Where Nature and Design Unite in Captivating Grandeur

Picture this: a landscape begging for attention, where nature's beauty converges with design finesse. In the realm of outdoor aesthetics, large planter pots reign supreme, commanding the gaze and captivating the soul. These majestic vessels are the epitome of grandeur, stealing the spotlight and leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of your outdoor oasis. They possess an innate ability to create visual theatrics, an audacious statement that demands attention. Like a charismatic protagonist, they charm all who lay eyes upon them, drawing them into a world where nature and design collide to create a scene worthy of admiration. With large planter pots, your outdoor space becomes an extraordinary stage, ready to inspire and ignite the imagination.

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