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We produce hand-crafted outdoor planters for all US weather conditions. From the hot sun in Arizona to the frigid winters in New York.

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Nothing but the best will do when it comes to planters for the outdoors, which is why we offer only the very top quality pots and planter products.

Planters specifically made for the outdoors are all made from high-quality metals or fiberglass. These materials feature anti-corrosive properties and are extremely durable, making them perfect for long-term outdoor use. Unlike traditional terra cotta or concrete planters, they are lightweight, making them easy to move around for flexible design; the ideal choice if you plan on making design changes in the future, or regularly change up your designs and layouts.

All our outdoor planters have the option of drainage holes. Drainage holes are essential for good outdoor plant care, making them much more resilient to root rot. When you can’t control water saturation thanks to rain and moisture, drainage holes stop plants from taking on too much fluid.

It’s important to note that the practical nature of our planters does not place any limitation on design. In fact, it’s the opposite. Our metal and fiberglass materials are easy to mold and shape into a variety of elegant and modern planter designs. Promising rich colors, contemporary aesthetics, and on-trend style, our collection of outdoor planters combines beauty with pragmatism.

Size matters when it comes to outdoor potting plants. Buy the wrong planters and your green spaces will suffer. Outdoor planters for businesses tend to be large planters. With lots of space to cover, it’s typical for companies to invest in big rectangular planters for separating spaces or bringing lots of color, while tall planters are favored for complementing archways and entrances.

It is recommended you buy large planters for outdoor spaces, as outdoor plants tend to be bigger, more robust, and must also survive out in the elements. This means they need lots of space in their outdoor planter to root and access nutrients in the soil. Not enough space and they might not be strong or healthy enough. Small outdoor planters do have a place in outdoor design; use small outdoor planters as accompanying features to house a few small or lone plants.

Pots, Planters & More offers an extensive range of outdoor planters ideal for all of your design needs. Whether you’re looking for large outdoor planters to house trees or centerpieces to long outdoor planters to frame spaces, we have exactly what you need. With free shipping, world-class customer service, and color samples available, you can also be sure you’re getting the very best when you buy with Pots, Planters & More. Browse our fantastic modern range of outdoor planters below.

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