Square Planters Size Guide and Plant Arrangement Ideas

white square planter


Whether displayed in a hotel reception, office boardroom, restaurant patio, or department store floor, the clean and contemporary lines of square planters add instant style and finesse to any scheme, indoors or outside. Plus, their symmetrical cube shape offers more growing space than circular containers, making them an excellent choice for growing neat rows of shrubs, flowers, or herbs. 

With so many different styles, designs, and colors of square planters to choose from, picking the perfect one to showcase your glorious greenery can be a bit of a minefield. To help, we've put together this guide of essential points you should consider before making a purchase, including finding the correct size of pot for your plants, how and where to position them, and the best plants for square planters.

What Size and Style of Square Planter Should You Pick?

When buying a container, always opt for one a couple of inches larger than the plant it's going to hold. If you pick one that's too small, certain foliage species will become stunted, and others will quickly outgrow the pot, resulting in you spending more money on a replacement. Go for one too big, and the soil will retain more moisture, leaving roots sitting in pools of old water, slowly turning rotten and moldy. Plus, keep in mind the height of the mature plant, as a taller shrub will look poorly proportioned in a narrow square pot, while broad, spacious containers will swamp tiny, low-growing plants.

And don't forget, the material the planter is made from also plays a significant role in the health of your botanical beauties. Stone, metal, wood, and plastic all have their pros and cons, but fiberglass planters tend to be the most popular as they're lightweight, giving you the freedom to switch up your layouts whenever you fancy, and incredibly hardy, resisting rain, wind, frost, and bright sunlight.

How to Position Your Square Planters

Container gardening isn't just about which plants to grow in which size and shape of planter — it's also about thoughtful placement. Place a couple of square containers on either side of a path, doorway, or queuing area to draw the eye and show people where they need to go. Or create a tasteful arrangement around dining tables and balcony seating to provide privacy and produce a sense of intimacy. 

Another top tip, choose several large outdoor square planters for your exteriors instead of a lot of smaller pots, as this makes a much more impressive statement and looks less cluttered. And, if you're planning to grow a rainbow of vibrant plants, prevent them from being overshadowed by picking pots in neutral hues.

Best Plants for Square Planters 

Due to their shape, square planters are an excellent option if you want to cultivate various plants in one pot, so long as they have similar light, water, and soil requirements. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Bamboo — ideal for balconies and patios where space is lacking, slender and elegant bamboo makes an attractive natural border or screen. It thrives best in large planters where its extensive root system can fan out, with well-draining soil and plenty of shade.

  • Hostas — with luxurious foliage and an elegant shape, hostas are prized primarily for their greenery, although they do produce stunning purple and white blooms in the summer and are great for adding much-needed drama to uninspiring corners.

  • Eulalia grass — adding easy, breezy elegance to any landscape, this grass is formed of gently arching blades that ripple mesmerizingly in the wind and is available in varying heights and color shades, including silver, pink, purple, and red.

Using large square planters for trees, flowers, and shrubs, adds instant style and beauty to any interior or exterior scheme. If you still have questions about which fiberglass planter is best for you, please call our helpful team on (855) 627-1066 or email