Rectangular Planters Size Guide and Plant Arrangement Ideas


A popular choice for commercial settings, both indoors and out, rectangular planters are the perfect combination of style and function. You can use them to create a container garden full of even rows of flowers, shrubs, herbs, and vegetables. They add a touch of modern elegance to any deck, patio, foyer, office, or alfresco dining area. 

When trying to work out which container size to choose, always aim to buy a pot that's a couple of inches larger than your plant's diameter. One that's much bigger than the greenery it's going to house will hold moisture for longer, potentially leading to diseases like mold and root rot. And, pick a planter that's too small, and your foliage is likely to be stunted and could topple over if top-heavy.

Choosing the Perfect Style of Rectangular Planter 

Whether you're looking for a tabletop planter box to add a little botanical beauty to a reception desk or large planters for bringing life and vibrancy to outdoor seating areas, with so many rectangular containers out there, you're sure to find the right one for you. 

They're also available in a wide variety of materials, from terracotta to timber. Fiberglass planters are one of the most popular types of containers. They're incredibly lightweight, making them easy to maneuver and highly durable due to their frost-resistant and shatter-proof nature. This means you can place them out in the elements or high-traffic locations worry-free. Another benefit of fiberglass is the variety of colors and textures these rectangular planters are available in — you even find them molded to mimic natural textures, like stone and metal.

Due to their linear shape and sharp angles, rectangular planters look their best in contemporary schemes, such as a minimalist office decorated in monotone hues or a sleek and sophisticated hotel roof terrace.

 Where to Position Your Rectangular Planters 

Rectangular planters can serve many different purposes. Plant them full of bright blooms, then use them to up your curb appeal by lining a walkway or framing an outside waiting area. This will help you draw in more customers and stand out against your competition. Or position containers to section off desks in a workspace or provide privacy and shade around a pool. The options truly are limitless!


Best Plants for Rectangular Planters 

If you're looking to decorate your landscape with lots of different flowers, opt for large rectangular planters, as this will give you plenty of room for gardening without cluttering your space and means you only have one pot to water and maintain. However, remember to check all the vegetation sharing a container have similar sunlight, moisture, and soil requirements before planting.

To spark your imagination, here are a few of the best plants for rectangular planters:

  • Sweet alyssum — an excellent choice for borders, sweet alyssum's tiny cross-shaped flowers will gently tumble over the edge of your pot, filling the air with their sweet honey-like scent. And while this plant might look dainty, it's tough as nails and resistant to both heat and drought.

  • Fountain grass — offering a brilliant dose of drama, this grass's arching feathered leaves will shoot up and fan out from your container like jets of water spurting from a fountain. Growing up to five feet tall and available in red or purple hues, be sure to water it regularly and plant in well-draining soil. 

  • Boxwood — giving you year-round color, you can trim this evergreen shrub into various styles to create living sculptures. Perfect on its own or used as a backdrop for other flowering annuals, just water it moderately during the summer to keep it looking lush and green.

No matter if you're looking to decorate a restaurant, office block, hotel, or store, our collection of stunning rectangular planters is up to the job. Please feel free to get in touch by calling our expert team on (855) 627-1066 or emailing us at for more information.