Tall Planters Size Guide and Plant Arrangement Ideas

Whether you choose tall planters with clean, contemporary angles or graceful, tapered curves, you can guarantee they’ll always make a statement. As versatile as they are on-trend, these pots make an attractive addition to any commercial space, including restaurants, offices, shopping malls, stores, and hotels, both inside and outdoors. 

Consider grouping together several tall planters at varying heights for an eclectic look or use them individually to add interest to dull corners and empty spaces. And with so many different styles, shapes, and colors to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect pots to suit your business's decor. To help, we've put together this guide explaining which container size to pick, how to fill tall planters, and what foliage to grow in them.

What Size and Style of Tall Planter Should You Pick?

When considering buying a planter, whether tall, square, circular, or any other shape, you should always opt for one a couple of inches wider than the mature plant that's going to be growing it in. Picking one that's too small might stunt the greenery's growth, costing you time and effort in the long run as you try to rescue it. On the other hand, a container that's too big will retain moisture for longer, potentially causing root rot, mold, and other diseases. 

The material of the pots you buy also plays a significant role in your plant's health and happiness. There're many composites to consider, such as terracotta, concrete, plastic, timber, and aluminum, all with their advantages and disadvantages, but fiberglass planters tend to be the most popular option. This material is ultra-lightweight, ideal if you need to move your plants inside when the weather turns and built to withstand heavy frost and lots of passing foot traffic.

How to Plant in Tall Planters

As you have to use high-quality potting soil, free of weeds, pests, and diseases, in your containers, filling tall planters can be expensive and unnecessary, not to mention making them too heavy to pick up and maneuver.

Instead, stuff the bottom of the pot with space fillers, such as plastic foam peanuts used to cushion products sent by mail (although you must bag these first to prevent a mess when switching your plants), foam blocks, crushed cans, or bottles with their lids on. Then, separate the fillers from the dirt with a layer of landscaping fabric or newspaper to prevent it from seeping down.

Best Plants for Tall Planters 

An excellent way to arrange your botanical beauties in tall containers is the thriller, filler, spiller method. First, pick a "thriller" plant, one that has a standout structure or vivid color, and position it towards the back of the pot. Next is the "filler," a pretty layer of plants covering any gaps and hiding the soil. Lastly is the "spiller," foliage placed to the front and around the border that weeps over the edge of the planter. Here are some examples of all three:

  • Thriller: dracaena — easy to maintain and tolerant of most climates, the majestic dracaena is more commonly known as the dragon tree due to its green fang-like, red-edged leaves. It comes in many sizes, from dwarf varieties to those soaring up to 20 feet tall, so make sure you check the label before purchasing to avoid planting a giant! 

  • Filler: moss rose — this tough yet pretty little plant produces bright blooms with ruffled petals throughout the summer months in shades of yellow, white, orange, red, and purple and spreads out to form a dense mat. While easy and quick to grow, avoid adding to containers where there might be pets as all parts of the moss rose are toxic.

  • Spiller: trailing lantana — this sweetly fragrant and colorful vine is ideal for attracting bees, butterflies, and other pollinators to your outside space. It demands very little attention and thrives all year round, elegantly draping its lilac flowers over the edge of your tall planters.

Our collection of tall planters comes in a massive choice of colors and styles and, as with all our fiberglass planters, can even be given a textured finish that mimics other materials like stone and metal. For more information, please call (855) 627-1066 or email