Garden & Landscape Design Ideas for Your Commercial Space

Using Planters for Restaurants

You want your restaurant to look perfect, but one odd decoration could upset your feng shui. Fortunately, our panel of experts has put together their top advice on using plants and planters in restaurants while maintaining harmony.

If you are wondering which materials and shapes would suit your restaurant and create that perfect atmosphere, then take a look at our expert-written guides.


Pot & Planter Designs for Cafés

Whether you want to make your cafe hip or laid back, our design guides will help you turn your dreams into reality. Design can take a long time to learn, but our concise guides will teach you everything you need to know and fast.

Planters, along with other decorations, can really set the atmosphere of your café. But getting the balance just right by using the best materials, colors, shapes, and sizes is no easy task. Our Pots and Planters design guides save you time by putting all the essential information you need in one place.


The Best Planters for an Outdoor Setting

You want to get the best planters for your outdoor area, but choosing them is not always easy. You want planters that will complement the style of your business, so choosing the right ones will depend on your individual needs.

In this set of guides, we show you how to select the right type and style of planter to match both your plant and your decor. Our handy guides simplify the selection process so you can buy what you need and get back to business!


A Guide to Planters for Office Space

Plants and planters can enhance the character of your office space. They can create a mood of elegance, creativity, of unblemished natural beauty. But how do you get it just right to match your style and create the atmosphere you want?

Our office planter guides, written by our panel of leading pot and planter experts, will demystify everything. If you want to know whether you should use tall or small planters, square or round, fiberglass or fiberstone, then our brief office planter guides are just what you are looking for.


Landscape Design Ideas for Hotels & Apartment Buildings

Our planters can set off any hotel or apartment buildings. They can create welcoming centerpieces, setting just the right tone for guests. Our landscape ideas guides provide our top tips on getting the most from your plants and planters to create that unforgettable atmosphere for your guests.


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