Decorating Hotel Rooms: Top 3 Benefits of Indoor Plants

beautiful room with indoor plants

Walking under sun-dappled branches, running your fingers through lush grasses, inhaling the scents of a garden in bloom, is there any better way to relax, recharge and reflect than by spending time in nature? The growing popularity of biophilic design, a trend centered around bringing these natural elements into an interior's decor, means landscaping is no longer limited to your hotel's lawns and green spaces — the great outdoors is coming in. 

The simplest way to transform your hotel rooms into oases where vacationers can escape the pressures of the outside world is by incorporating indoor plants in pots and planters. Not only do these botanical beauties look appealing, but they also help highlight your resort's eco-friendly policies, improve the health of your guests and deliver an unforgettable experience guaranteed to get you five-star reviews. Below we explain a few of the main benefits of indoor plants:

1. Purifying the Air by Removing Toxins

While your housekeeping staff ensure your floors sparkle and linens get pressed to perfection, who's in charge of making sure the air is clean and safe to breathe? Building materials and cleaning products emit many potentially harmful indoor contaminants into the atmosphere, including formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, ammonia, and acetone, often triggering fatigue, headaches, itchy eyes, sinus congestion, and other health problems. 

However, according to the Clean Air Study conducted by NASA scientists, plants absorb a large percentage of these toxins, along with carbon dioxide, during photosynthesis. This process also keeps the air from becoming stale and oxygenates the room helping people think clearer and sleep soundly.

2. Creating a Relaxing Environment 

With hectic journeys, lost luggage, and language mix-ups, traveling can be incredibly stressful. But, a survey conducted by the University of Technology in Australia showed, exposure to indoor plants decreases tension, anxiety, anger, and depression and suppresses nervous system activity, alleviating high blood pressure and promoting feelings of tranquillity. The scent of certain plants, like lavender, jasmine, and lemon balm, have aromatherapy properties, too — just a whiff is guaranteed to relax your guests and get them in the holiday spirit.

3. Increasing Revenue and Boosting Bookings

Stunning foliage and flowers create a sense of luxuriousness in a hotel, and if your guests feel as if they're getting a top-quality experience, they'll be more inclined to pay top dollar for their stay. Also, as more and more people — especially the younger generation — seek out sustainable accommodation, having plenty of greenery in pictures of your establishment online and in brochures will undoubtedly help drive more clicks and inquiries.

Best Plants That Purify the Air

  • Spider plants — this little wonder's long, elegantly arching leaves spilling from a round fiberglass planter makes an eye-catching addition to any hotel room, as well as being great at absorbing toxic substances. Plus, spider plants require very little TLC as they only need watering every few days and thrive even in low-light conditions. However, make sure you let your room attendants know these plants need regularly trimming back as they can grow like crazy.

  • Peace lilies — blooming with pretty white flowers, this air-purifying plant truly is a miracle worker. It filters out nasty chemicals, converts mold spores into food, and acts as a natural humidifier by releasing additional moisture into the atmosphere, perfect for hotels in hot climates. 

  • Succulents — a few succulents in different shapes, sizes, and colors growing in slim planter boxes are sure to wow your customers. As arid deserts are their natural habitat, they can withhold a lot of water, making them easy to maintain. However, they do love plenty of sunlight, so position them close to a window or on a balcony.

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