Container Ideas for Full Sun

Is your business located somewhere that gets plenty of sun? “Full sun” simply means somewhere that gets between six to eight hours of direct sunlight every day. Container plants are ideal for areas of direct sunlight, and they make it easy to grow greenery too. 

If you're looking for plant container ideas for areas of full sun, you're spoiled for choice. The best thing is that you can tailor your containers to suit the themes of your space. However, if the temperature gets too high, it can take a toll on the containers and the plants you choose. That’s why you need to select the best flowers and potted plants suited to full sunlight — and know how best to display them.


Here are our container ideas for full sun that might just transform your business space.

Choose a Color Scheme

Plant pots and containers come in a range of colors and materials. Your first step is to make sure you know which of those containers are best for a full sun environment. You can check out our ultimate buyer's guide to planter materials to ensure you get a planter in the most sun-durable material.

Next, you need to start thinking about color. You likely have a color scheme for your business, which will be reflected in your indoor and outdoor spaces. For example,  if you’re a restaurant owner adding container plants to your outside dining area, always consider your brand colors. Choose your containers to match those color schemes, and then extend that to the plants and greenery you decide to add. 


Choosing the Right Plants

The best flowers for full sun might not match your color choices, but don’t panic. If you’re looking for the best potted plants for full sun, flowers that can cope with the heat, or greenery that will thrive in high temperatures, you can choose from lots of options that won’t break up your color choices.

However, you need to be practical. Summer containers tend to use a lot of tender perennials, with some of the most popular and well-known being begonia, dahlias, and gazanias. In most cases, you can expect to overwinter these in a greenhouse during the colder months, which does take work.

If you're mixing and matching the best flowers for full sun alongside potted plants, try to choose those that take a similar amount of looking after. It's not just the amount of sunlight they get each day you need to consider, but how much watering they require and any after-sun care necessary. However, remember that you can always use self-watering planters to ease your workload.

Thriller, Filler, and Spiller

One of the single most famous creative container ideas for full sun-loving plants is the “thriller, filler, and spiller” approach. This makes maximum use of your commercial outdoor planters and allows you to add a range of different plants and flowers to your outdoor space. The effect is fantastic and makes your arrangements look more 3D, with a vitality and opulence that’s hard to beat.


These will be tall plants placed either centrally in your container at the back (only place these plants at the back of the container if it’s up against a wall). Thrillers are the focal point of your container, so pick the best flowers for full sun, such as salvia, cannas, or grasses (purple fountain grass is a great choice). Some people avoid plants for thrillers entirely and choose ornaments or a piece of driftwood as the container’s focal point.


Spillers surround the edges of your container. Think trailing plants or vines that will flow over the edges of your containers to create a cascading effect. The spiller is a great opportunity to add a burst of color to your container, so think variegated ivy, moss rose, trailing rosemary, or lantana.


Choose a single filler or a few different plants to finish your pots, planters, or containers. The goal is to fill the space in your container and draw attention to your focal point thriller. Geraniums, the ultimate workhorse plant, are great fillers and some of the best flowers for full sun areas. 

Other options, like Coleus, may take some special attention as they are more used to shade. Osteospermum (also known as the African Daisy) is also worth considering as it adds a touch of the unusual that might end up being the main topic of outdoor conversations.


Choosing the Best Container Ideas for Full Sun

As with any decision about your outdoor or indoor space, your final choices can be as practical or creative as you like. Always do your research, so you don’t assume you've bought the best potted plants for full sun, only to find they wither and die in the harsh glare.

Knowing which plants and flowers will thrive is essential. Only when you have a shortlist should you start investing in the best flowers for full sun that will perfectly complement your brand design. You can then light up and transform any area of your business space with the right creative plant choices and ideas.


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