Creative Indoor Planter Ideas: Interesting Ways to Use Indoor Planter Boxes


If you want to bring the outside in, indoor planters can provide a home for all kinds of plants, flowers, or even edible plants like herbs. But there’s more to incorporating planters in your interior design than picking a pot and placing it in the corner. 

You can create interesting and impressive interior designs by embracing creative indoor planter ideas. Here are some of our best indoor planter ideas for commercial spaces. 

Choose Custom Planters That Perfectly Suit Your Style

One of the best ways to create a truly unique design with indoor plant containers is by choosing custom planters. With bespoke containers designed for your unique space, you can create biophilic interior designs unlike any other. 

Bespoke planters, such as our custom metal planters, can be made into your choice of shape and size. You can decide their color, style, and finish, so you’ll have complete control over this element of your interior design. 

Personalize Your Planters with Branded Details

If you’re using planters to improve the indoor space of a commercial building, such as a retail store, hotel, restaurant, or office, you could align your planters with your branding. 

Choosing a certain color for your plant containers or printing your logo on planters are two ways you could represent your brand’s personality with your planters.

Frame Doorways with Planters

Entryways can be a little dull, but you can make them more inviting by using planters to frame doorways. People are naturally drawn to nature, so you compel people to enter when you place greenery around your entrances. 

Well-placed plants can help you brighten doorways and tap into human psychology to create comfortable and welcoming environments.


Use Indoor Planters to Create Temporary Functional Features

As well as using planters to house flowers, herbs, and greenery, these outdoor features can be used for more functions.

Indoor planters combine form and function. Not only can they be used to house flowers, herbs, and greenery, they can also function as room dividers, privacy screens, and other temporary features. 

For example, indoor planters can be used for events to alter the structure of rooms or hallways. They can be used to create temporary queuing lanes or one-way systems — something more businesses are embracing after the pandemic. They can even be used to structure picture-perfect scenes, such as when planters frame the alter at weddings. 

Choosing lightweight yet durable containers, such as our fiberglass planters, make it easier to move your planters around. 


Bowl planters are often shallow in depth but wide in diameter, meaning there’s a fair amount of space for sprawling plants or arrangements. Succulent plants can thrive in bowl planters, so you could create a beautiful arrangement of different succulents in an open bowl. 

Indoor succulent planter ideas can impress your visitors, and if you use different colored plants, they can also complement your overall interior design. 


Nestle Sign Posts into Planter Pots

If you’re looking to get creative with your indoor planters, consider using them for more than just plants. There are plenty of things you could use plant pots for. For example, they could offer a good home for signposts in commercial places.

Small signs directing users to your reception, conference rooms, restaurant, or particular retail section could be placed in planters, nestled into your plants, flowers, or indoor trees so that they become part of your decor.


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