Biophilic Interior Design: How to Bring Nature Inside

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Oct 29th 2021

Biophilic Interior Design: How to Bring Nature Inside

Have you noticed when you add plants to your surroundings, your mood is instantly lifted? There’s something magical about plants — they promote tranquillity and calm feelings to help reduce stress. In fact, studies show that plants reduce both psychological and physiological stress. There’s a reason why everyone went crazy for house plants when the pandemic hit.

Savvy business owners are also taking advantage of the interior design trend that brings nature into the workplace — biophilic interior design. Biophilia literally means “the love of life or living things.” Humans have an innate desire to connect with nature, and this design trend allows this to happen when we are often sitting inside without time to connect with nature outside.

What Is Biophilic Interior Design?

When interior designers start a new project, they consider the entire surroundings and how their design will affect the people who visit and use the space. The design is not simply about furnishings, lighting, and paint choices. Biophilic interior design takes things a step further by emphasizing and incorporating elements of nature into the design plan.

Edward O. Wilson created this design concept in 1984 that includes plants, natural lighting, and soothing design colors and uses natural materials. Things like wood were commonplace, cork and hemp became popular, and now we have exciting new technologies like fruit byproduct materials and upcycled ocean plastic fabrics. Upcycling and recycling materials is an integral part of biophilic design as a way to reduce our footprint.

Top 4 Reasons To Bring Nature Inside

Since we spend a lot of our days inside and at work, you can imagine how important it is to create a comfortable and healthy environment in your company. It should be a top priority for your business to have plants and greenery indoors for the endless benefits it can bring to your employees and customers. Below are four of our favorite reasons why you should bring nature inside your business.

Improves Wellbeing

As we’ve discussed on our blog before, having plants around inevitably boosts your wellbeing and mood, hence why biophilic interior design is so popular! This design technique also brings natural light into workspaces, uses soothing color schemes, improves well-being, and reduces stress and anxiety.

Cleans the Air

We know that plants clean the air — clearing contaminants and pollutants like formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, alcohols, and acetone from indoor spaces. These toxic chemicals are commonplace in most businesses. Incorporating air purifying plants is crucial to biophilic interior design for not only their beauty but also to improve indoor air quality. Keep in mind that if you plan to use artificial plants you won’t get this added benefit. If you want to reduce maintenance of plant life, at least put real plants in spaces where employees spend the most time to help clean the air.

Boost Productivity and Creativity

No one likes a drab and lifeless workplace. Many researchers have studied the effects of adding plants into “lean” spaces with good results. One of the easiest ways to improve the work environment is to use a biophilic interior design. Not only does it increase the productivity of your employees, but it can also boost creativity.

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