Large Container Planting Ideas

Not only is designing and maintaining a large container display a bit of an aesthetic challenge, but it can also be a physical one. Plants containers large and small have plenty of benefits, but never overlook the fact that larger containers come with a potential weight factor.

However, there’s no disputing the fact that large plant containers filled with the right plants and other greenery can be extremely dynamic. You can use them as focal points, they can break up eye lines, block unpleasant views, and disrupt any monotonous sections of your outside space.

If you're looking for large container planting ideas, here are four that might just inspire you That inspiration could completely transform your garden, patio, or even your balcony.


Plan and Make Decisions

The very first thing that you should do is work out exactly where your large plant containers are going to go. Don’t be vague about this decision. Plant containers large enough to be dynamic are inevitably going to have a lot more weight than those smaller pots dotted around your kitchen or pathways. 

So if you get your initial placement wrong, you could end up making a lot of work for yourself later on. If you want to avoid the risk of having to empty all of the plants and soil next week, always do some planning beforehand. Get this stage right, and you can then go wild with your large container planting ideas.

Know your Intention

Are you trying to create some form of focal definition on your patio? Looking for a way to break up an aesthetically displeasing dead zone in your garden? Perhaps you just want a defined and beautiful talking point for your balcony or front yard.

Whether you're positioning plant containers large enough to act as bookends to your front door to boost curb appeal or simply filling some empty space with them, the more you’ve defined your intentions the better. That’s because the more you know about what you want to achieve, the easier it will be to hit your goals.

Once you have a firm idea of what you want and where you want it, you can start to choose the perfect plants, flowers, or even trees for your large containers. Of course, that opens a whole new world of possibilities!


Solo or Groups?

One of the first decisions that you have to make when looking at large container planting ideas is whether you want those containers to stand alone or as part of a group. This will be an entirely personal opinion, although it might also be affected by how much space you have to spare.

Having a single large container as a focal point with either a single plant, a collection of various greenery, or a tree, always adds a touch of class to any space. That’s why it's so popular in restaurants and offices! The alternative is to bundle some containers together. By using plant containers large, medium, and small in a cluster you can play a lot more with depth and elevation. 

That gives you a lot of opportunities to make more of an impact (although it does also mean more gardening is required!). That impact can transform anywhere from the bottom of your garden to around your swimming pool.

Maintenance Tips

You’ve designed the perfect outdoor space and your large containers are in place and filled with the perfect plants. Unfortunately, the work isn’t over. They might be in the perfect spot, but they still need to be maintained.

That’s going to mean keeping up with the deadheading (for those plants that need it) so that you keep the neatness and encourage more blooms. It also means that you need to trim back any plants so that they don’t overgrow and then overwhelm the design you worked so hard to get right. 

Don’t forget to use fertilizer, especially during those times of years considered to be the growing season for your plants of choice. Finally, keep up with your watering. If you don’t, even the best-looking plants will start to go limp, and many will simply dry up and change color.


Use Your Own Large Container Planting Ideas

The best thing about plant containers large enough to host a single tree, focal point plant, or an array of cascading leaves is that you’re really only limited by your imagination. Always start with research, and take the time to have a good look at your outdoor space.

Always tailor your greenery to match the space that it will live in. Get that right, and you can add or take away anything that you please, further adding to the final aesthetic effect.


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