Apartment and Hotel Landscaping Ideas

When you think of hotel landscaping, you might imagine sweeping lawns, stately trees, and impressive water features, scenery that simply isn't attainable for boutique establishments with limited space or high-rise apartment accommodation located in the heart of a city. Fortunately, pots and planters are here to make adding lush shrubbery and beautiful blooms to your decor easy.


Whether you're looking to add greenery to your reception, rooms, or balconies, hotel landscaping can dramatically improve the appeal of your business. Planters of flourishing foliage can help you stand out against your competitors and increase bookings by creating attractive website imagery, provide leafy oases where your guests can relax and unwind, and win you even more five-star reviews. Discover how to harness the power of plants in these guides, packed full of fantastic apartment and hotel landscaping ideas.


Best Lobby Planters for Adding Greenery to a Hotel

Incorporating lobby planters in your hotel reception has many benefits, from improving air quality to enhancing aesthetics. Plus, trends in the hospitality industry show that more and more travelers are searching for sustainable stays and deciding where to visit based on how much a hotel embraces nature within its interior design. 

No matter if you want contemporary planter boxes with a natural finish or large, indoor planters in popping colors for a statement feature, this guide explains how to create a reception area that's sure to make a long-lasting impression on your guests.


Decorating Hotel Rooms: Top 3 Benefits of Indoor Plants

Landscaping is no longer being used to only improve an establishment’s exterior appearance — the great outdoors is coming in and transforming hotel rooms as well. Along with their visual appeal, plants and flowers help filter harmful toxins from the atmosphere, reduce noise and regulate temperature. Plus, they also have many psychological benefits, including boosting moods, lowering stress levels, and increasing feelings of calm, relaxation, and optimism — precisely what your guests need after long, tiring journeys. Read on for more information about the perks of potted plants.


How to Choose the Best Balcony Planters for Your Hotel

While they may be small in space, a well-decorated hotel balcony is guaranteed to maximize customer satisfaction and boost your business's profits. Not only does a balcony extend a room, providing an additional area for your guests to read, dine and relax in, but being close to nature is also proven to have a calming effect on our mental well-being — exactly what travelers need to get into the vacation spirit.

Fortunately, transforming these bleak and barren corners into lush and leafy private oases is simple with a bit of clever styling, a few decorative pots and planters, and an exciting mix of colorful foliage. Discover more about how to elevate your hotel rooms through container gardening in this handy guide.


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