Best Lobby Planters for Adding Greenery to a Hotel

hotel lobby planters

Just like the art you choose to hang on the walls or the furniture you strategically place around the room, you should also give plenty of thought to picking the perfect hotel lobby planters for your space. Not only do plants and flowers enhance the overall aesthetic of your establishment, but trends within the hospitality industry show a connection with nature is becoming an increasingly important factor in where travelers choose to stay.  

To help you highlight your company's eco-friendly credentials and keep ahead of your green competitors, we've put together this helpful guide to explain how to use indoor planters to showcase botanical beauty in your hotel lobby.

The Benefits of Hotel Lobby Planters

As well as attracting guests by giving your hotel a clean, maintained, and natural appearance, flourishing foliage in lobby planters plays a significant role in creating a five-star customer experience — here are three of the main benefits of including plants in your decor: 

Making a “wow” first impression — From the photos advertising your hotel online to the moment they walk in the door with their suitcase, your lobby is typically the first interaction a customer has with your business, so make it count. Healthy, thriving plants send the message that your resort is well-managed and successful. In contrast, dead leaves and drooping stems, or worse, no greenery at all, hints to guests that the rest of your facilities might be equally as tired and unkempt.

Increasing revenue and bookings — Indoor plants create stunning surroundings that people want to spend time in, boosting bookings by attracting more walk-ins, influencing ratings, and improving revenue. Plus, top-quality plastic or fiberglass planters are super durable and last a long time which means your company reaps the rewards of including pots and planters in your lobby without needing to invest in new products regularly.

Improving indoor air quality — Scientific studies prove greenery can remove as much as 87% of indoor pollutants, which, when you consider the number of cleaning products used to keep a hotel sparkling, is essential for ridding the air of chemicals and protecting the health of your customers and employees.

Which Lobby Planters Suit Your Hotel Aesthetic?

Whether you want to create a refined ambiance where planters and foliage subtly blend in with the rest of your lobby's design or use vibrant blooms in bold containers to make a big statement, there are plenty of pots and planters to suit every interior style. Our top tip for a harmonious look is to choose containers that follow the overall architecture of your hotel. For example, round or oval planters pair best with grand archways and sweeping staircases, while the sharp lines and angles of planter boxes sit well in contemporary settings.

Resilient fiberglass planters are ideal for surviving baggage knocks and bumps and are incredibly lightweight, too, making them easy to move around and relocate. Another bonus of this material is the variety of finishes available, including metallic and concrete looks for industrial, pared-back themes or popping colors for a youthful, energetic vibe.

How to Choose Hotel Lobby Plants

Low maintenance plants, such as succulents and cacti, that only require sporadic watering and can survive in low-light conditions are your best option to avoid a lobby full of wilted shrubs. And do be cautious of high-pollen producing plants like daisies, orchids, and lavender, as these can trigger allergies and hay fever. 

While plants and flowers enhance the visuals of your hotel lobby, remember to consider their functionality as well. For example, utilize neatly cut topiary in large box planters to outline queue areas, soothe anxious vacationers as they wait by dotting sweet-smelling lemon balms on tables, or add interest to a dull corner with a dramatic palm in a tall pot.

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