Outdoor Planter Ideas: How to Use Planters in Your Outdoor Spaces


If you’re new to container gardening, you’re in for a world of possibilities. There are so many ways to create stunning landscapes or small outdoor spaces using pots, planters, and containers. 

Planters give you more control over your exterior decor and allow you to construct different layouts and grow a wide range of plants.

But if you need some inspiration and outdoor planter ideas, we’ve outlined six creative ways to use outdoor planters. These ideas for outdoor planters are primarily for commercial spaces, but they could also be used in residential settings.

Define Pathways and Give Direction to Your Outdoor Areas

Pathways don’t just guide people from one spot to another. When thoughtfully designed, they become an enjoyable journey, offering people a moment of calm and a welcome distraction from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Outdoor planters can line paths, creating a serene walkway through a green space.

When you use planters to define pathways, you also give direction to your outdoor area. People can wander through your garden, patio, or exterior areas while the clean lines and path boundaries defined by planters show them clearly where to go. You can direct people down certain routes or draw their attention to focal points of your outdoor space.

Hide Unsightly Structures with Aesthetic Planters and Thriving Plants

Let’s face it — not all buildings are aesthetically pleasing. Concrete structures and contemporary building designs can look plain and unsightly. But with outdoor planters, you can turn dull building exteriors and outdoor features into focal points. 

Plant containers can border buildings or block off ugly sights. They give you the freedom to redefine the appearance of your outdoor space. 

Planters can have bold, modern designs, and they’re available in a wide range of colors, so you can turn boring or unsightly scenes into stunning areas. 

Use Outdoor Planters to Create a Modular Layout 

If you have a large garden to design, outdoor planters can create a modular layout. Large planters can section off areas of your space, creating different zones within your garden. 

Restaurants often use outdoor planters to create secluded dining areas with a sense of privacy. Offices can also create zones in their gardens for relaxation and mindfulness, collaboration, smoking, and more. 

By using planters to divide your space into purpose-built zones, you can make the most of your outdoor area and ensure it is functional as well as beautiful.

Our top tip for using planters in this way is to use lightweight containers that are just as durable and stylish as heavier options. When planters are easy to move, you’ll have the freedom to alter your designs and add zones to your garden without difficulty. 

For example, our lightweight fiberglass planters can be easily moved around, giving you flexibility in layout and design. But they’re still extremely durable and can withstand all weather conditions all year round. 

Use Outdoor Planters for Herbs That Can Be Used in Your Kitchen 

As well as housing exotic succulents, colorful flowers, and flowering plants that spruce up your exterior design, planters can be home to edible plants such as herbs. 

Restaurant or hotel kitchens can embrace urban farming and grow food in containers to use in their dishes. 

Just fill planters in the outdoor space near your building’s kitchen with herbs or vegetable plants. Your chefs will be able to use fresh, sustainably-grown ingredients that will make dishes even tastier. 

Herbs can also fill the air with pleasant aromas that will catch the attention of passers-by. And when you engage the senses of guests, you’re more likely to leave a lasting impression.

Create a Grand Entryway with Planters Framing Your Entrance

You can make your entryway grander by using planters to frame the doors to your building. Using one or multiple outdoor planters on either side of your entryway is a simple way to create an effective outdoor design. 

You’ll make a feature out of your entrance and create an impressive and welcoming door to your building — whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, or office block.

In addition to using planters on either side of your doors, you can use them to line any pathways leading to the entrance of your building. This will create a clear and aesthetic path for people to follow, directing them towards your entrance and giving the impression of luxury. Plants in pots might sound simple, but they can significantly affect the way people regard your space. 

 Arrange Clusters of Planters 

One of the most effective ways to create beautiful arrangements with outdoor planters is to cluster multiple pots and containers together.

With clustered planters, you give the impression of grandeur. Plants and trees in pots will form one large green display. Leaves will overflow into other pots, and plants will intertwine with each other. 

You can have different plants in different containers so that together they form an exotic display. Using containers of varying heights and diameters can add variation to your arrangement and ensure each plant is seen.

This is an easy way to make it look as though you have a green thumb, even if you’re no professional landscaper. Plus, it makes plants even easier to water when they’re all grouped together. 

Choose Outdoor Planters From Pots, Planters & More and Complete Your Garden Design

The planters you choose can make or break your outdoor design. High-quality, stylish planters can make a huge difference to the aesthetics of your garden or outdoor space. But you also need them to be durable. 

Outdoor planters need to withstand different weather conditions in all seasons. From strong winds to freezing temperatures, extensive rainfall and harsh sun, planters should be durable enough to stand strong and protect plants in all conditions.

Durable planters will stay looking great for years to come, and it’s unlikely you’ll need to spend out on replacing damaged containers.


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