The Pros and Cons of Metal Containers for Plants


Effortlessly elevate the aesthetics of any space, indoors and out, with bang-on-trend metal planters. Typically made from either steel or aluminum and available in a wide range of shapes, designs, and hues, these containers combine form and function, making them a brilliant choice for commercial settings, like restaurants, hotels, and office buildings. 

Once blooming with an abundance of stunning botanicals, use these planters to section off different seating areas, highlight an entryway, line a walkway, or simply add interest to an uninspiring corner — they're sure to make your business stand out from the competition! 

Continue reading to discover more perks of incorporating metal containers for plants in your decor, from their superior sturdiness to their fuss-free maintenance.

 Designed for Ultimate Durability 

Refusing to bow in scorching heat, corrode under torrential rains or expand and crack when temperatures drop, both aluminum and corten steel are incredibly hard-wearing, happily withstanding the harshest weather conditions without worry.

However, if you're looking for the lightest and most portable option, even in larger sizes, opt for aluminum planters. Not just for flowers and foliage, this material is commonly used in shipbuilding and aircraft fabrication as it's super strong and a third of the weight of steel. Having the freedom to move your pots and planters without specialist equipment enables you to swap and change your layouts whenever trends change, offering you many years of enduring style.

Easy to Keep Them Looking Their Best

With a little bit of extra care and attention, metal's luster can last a long, long time. Simply scrub any marks and stains with a soft, bristled brush dipped in mild dish soap diluted in hot water, then rinse and towel dry. Avoid using steel wool pads and acidic cleaning products as they can leave deep scratches on the surface of your planters, which will let in moisture and cause irreparable damage.

 Available in a Variety of Colors

Metal, especially aluminum, is also very malleable, making it easy to customize and mold. Plus, it can be powder coated in a wide rainbow of different colors. This process is environmentally friendly, as it contains no harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and helps ensure durability. Choosing metal planters with a powder coating means you can trust they'll stand up against bleaching UV rays, seesawing temperature changes, and other extreme elements.

Be Wary of Hot Weather

One slight disadvantage to picking metal as your material of choice is that these planters can get searingly hot when left out in the glaring sun, burning your plants, drying out the soil, and increasing the chance of root damage. However, there are several simple ways to get around this issue. 

Firstly, try positioning your metal planters in shady locations, such as beneath lush, leafy trees or under a veranda. Next, cover the inside of these containers with a plastic pot liner, clay, or even bubble wrap, as this will provide additional insulation and a barrier between the roots and the hot metal. Lastly, consider using these planters for growing greenery suited to hot conditions and sandy soil, like cacti, succulents, lavender, and sedums.

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