Winter Planter Ideas

The winter is a truly special time of year. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that there’s something reflective about it. With the promise of life just around the corner, there’s hope and wonder in a  good winter.

For businesses with outdoor spaces, winter can be a double-edged sword. Sure, the snow and the winter wonder can make it hard to use those outdoors, but it’s not impossible. From restaurants that want to bring a splash of green to their entranceways, to offices that want to frame the windows to the great outdoors with color and life, there are some great winter planter ideas.

Whether it’s your entrance, your interiors, or even your outdoor space itself, here are our favorite winter planter ideas.


Blend Different Materials

It’s safe to say that the single most consistent trend in winter planter ideas is the blend of different materials. A striking combination of natural materials such as dried branches or ornamental kale, alongside evergreen plants or trees that have color all year simply works.

That complement of different materials delivers immediate impact, which is why it tends to sit at the top of almost every online article about upcoming trends for winter outdoor planters. It’s a design approach that looks like it will never go out of fashion, for good reason.

Aiming for Coordination

If you're planning to have a few winter outdoor planters, then it’s always going to look amazing if you can coordinate them. That coordination is always going to make a big statement, and the larger your containers and your plants, the bigger that statement will be.

However, don’t just think about coordinating the winter pots themselves. One of the best winter planter ideas is to use plants such as Buxus that have been trained into ball shapes, pyramid shapes, or even spirals. 

This style is going to look fantastic all year round, but for winter it’s one of the best winter planter ideas simply because that coordination feels massive. A top tip is to place those pots and Buxus against a colorful backdrop. That’s really going to make them pop.


Metal Winter Planter Ideas

One of the biggest trends in recent years for winter garden design is to use galvanized metal planters. They’re the perfect addition to both urban spaces and more traditional settings, so they’re suitable for a wide range of environments.

The reason why metal planters work so well in the winter is that they will weather every year. That aged look can even give businesses a sense of tradition, so even the newest startup can look like it’s been there for years.

If you go this route, use something like a dwarf willow tree, which will give a stark elegance over the winter and then spring into life as the weather turns warmer.

Planters with Berries

Whatever material of planter you use, in the winter it’s always a good idea to use plants that have winter berries. We talk about that vital ‘pop of color’ a lot, simply because it has such a dramatic effect. Berries are the perfect way to get that pop.

They’re easy to grow too and don’t require a lot of maintenance. The relatively short Gaultheria procumbens is a great plant to introduce to your planters, and it works extremely well when placed among other plants too. 


Alternatively, variegated holly is a popular option. It’s particularly good during the festive season, so it’s ideal for restaurants with a festive theme and all of those traditional bookings at one of the busiest times of the year.

Using Your Own Winter Planter Ideas

You can be as creative as you like when it comes to winter p[lanbter ideas. Use your business branding to fine-tune what might work best in your workspace, and then choose the plants that match your color schemes. Don’t forget to blend different plant textures to create depth and to build a picture.

Add body to your winter planters with evergreen grasses, go tall with plants, shrubs, or trees to create drama, and then soften the edge of your containers with something that will cascade over the edges. 

Never overlook just how high-impact winter outdoor planters or planters placed in your interiors can change a space. At the time of year where we need color to remind us of the spring to come, you can never have too many winter planter ideas.

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