Metal Planters Garden Ideas

You’ll find that large metal garden containers for your plants and any other greenery tend to be more reasonably priced than other materials. Not only that, but your decorative metal plant pots are also considerably lighter than terra cotta pots.

Easy to clean and in a wide range of styles, using metal planters is a quick and simple way to add some real personality to a space. They’re ideal for businesses hoping to add some color and class to a workplace while also being ideally suited to showcase interesting greenery.


The reason why large metal garden containers aren’t used as much as containers of other materials is simply that it can be hard to know how to use them well. If you're interested in installing decorative metal plant pots, here are some ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Doubling Up

If one metal planter looks good, there’s something special about doubling them up. You could use them on either side of a doorway to create an immediately striking effect, but you can also think a little out of the box. Metal containers are fantastic for showing off any kind of plant or tree, so if you’re trying to bring nature indoors, don’t overlook them.

Consider placing your decorative metal plant pots right next to each other. If they’re both the same style and size, they’ll immediately add a significant amount of weight to any setting. Alternatively, opt for different sizes of metal plants pots. One large metal pot sitting next to a smaller metal one can easily add depth and vitality to a workplace or living space.

Black and White

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that all decorative metal plant pots will be silver. Of course, that’s not the case! There are plenty of patterned designs, and there are also many types of large metal garden containers that have been decorated with black and white decals.

Those black and white decorative metal plant pots are designed to pop, and that makes them great for transforming your reception space, hotel lobbies, and restaurant patios. Don’t forget to look at options that either sit flush against the floor or sit on legs for a little bit of extra height.

Practicality Ideas

Of course, decorative metal plant pots aren’t suitable for every plant or every setting. If you live and work somewhere particularly hot, then those metal containers will get very warm indeed, and that’s going to affect the greenery you can safely plant in them.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to avoid decorative metal plant pots, no matter how warm it gets. Your plants will cope as long as they get the right amount of water, but you can also place them in the shade to cut down on maintenance. The best thing about doing this is that it can beautifully lighten up a shaded area, bringing classic light and color to even the gloomiest corner.

Aiming for Low Maintenance

Putting plants in pots is always a good way to cut down maintenance time. The goal with decorative metal plant pots is to create a sense of contrast, and that’s where succulents come in. Often called desert plants, succulents store water in their stems, roots, and the often large fleshy leaves. 


Agave, cacti, and aloe are all considered succulents, and like other drought-resistant plants, they simply don’t take a lot of looking after. Yet, they have enough color to really pop in any space. If you're using weathered steel planters, you end up with a classic look that doesn’t take a lot of looking after. The fact that they look so inviting is just the perfect finishing touch.

Going Large

There are plenty of small and mid-size metal containers available for your plants, but if you want to make an impact that wows customers, large metal garden containers are the way to go. The bigger the metal planter, the more space they take up, and that makes them ideal for filling any empty gaps in your indoor or outdoor space.

Position them right and in the right quantities, and relaxing in their presence will simply feel like you’re in the great outdoors - even if you’re inside a restaurant, sitting in a hotel lobby, or even lounging by the pool! If you're looking for inspiration, large metal garden containers will always make a statement.


Decorative Metal Plant Pots

Remember that no matter what kind of effect you're going for with your greenery, it needs to be balanced against your other elements. The goal is to create just the right symmetry of art and nature, and decorative metal plant pots make that goal much easier to reach.

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