Signs You Need to Buy New Planters

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Apr 22nd 2020

Whether for a residence, retail space, or office complex, the overall upkeep of the smaller décor elements help set the tone. If you use planters as part of your landscaping or interior design, they should always be kept in pristine condition. How do you know when its time to replace your planters with something new? These are the top signs you need to buy new planters for your location.

1. Rusted metal

One of the most obvious signs you need to buy new planters is visible wear and tear. There are certain materials that are more susceptible to damage over time. Metal planters give a charming, rustic appeal that works well in a range of settings, but metal is vulnerable to rust over time, especially when used in outdoor areas. If any of your metal planters have rust, you may be able to sand it down and paint over it with a metal-toned spray paint, but this wouldn't look as nice as a new planter. If the rust has created a hole in the planter, then it is definitely time for a new planter.

2. Rotted wood

Another material that looks great but is vulnerable to damage is wood. Wood planters give a classic, earthy appeal and work well in a range of décor settings. While the material looks great, it is prone to water damage which leads to rotted wood. Rotted wood can lead to your plants not flourishing and an overall run-down appearance that is anything but visually pleasing.

3. Cracks or chips

There are other signs of wear and tear that mean it's time for new planters. Depending on the material, you may find cracks or chips in the surface of the planter. This can be ugly to look at and bring down your curb appeal in an instant. It also means that the planter is compromised integrity-wise and will only continue to weaken over time. For instance, a crack will continue to spread to the point the planter may eventually break open from the pressure. While you could try to repair cracks or chips on your own, the overall sturdiness of the planter is still compromised so it is far better to buy new planters.

4. Faded color

Colorful planters should be a statement piece meant to add new life to a tired space. When that color starts to fade, it is time for an upgrade. There are a few reasons color fades. For starters, if the planter is a poorer quality option, measures may not have been put in place to make it fade resistant in the first place. Even a higher quality planter can start to lose color after years and years of constant exposure to the sun and rain. If you have colorful planters, you want them to be bright and vivid so anything less than that is a sign you need new planters.

5. Changed décor or color scheme

People love to change things up when it comes to their home. If you have made some changes in décor or color scheme in your home or landscaping, your old planters may clash with the new design. If you went with all muted colors and modern shapes, round yellow planters may be a little out of place. When you make any major changes to décor or color scheme, it is always a good time to reevaluate how the planter styles play their part. Many people find this is a good time to change their planters as well.

6. Plants not flourishing

When you choose a planter, you have to look at function and not just style. If your plants aren't flourishing, there is a good chance that you chose a planter too small for the needs of the plant. This is a common mistake when buying planters. Certain plants need a required depth in order for the roots to spread allowing the plant to flourish. If your plants aren't flourishing even though you are doing everything else right in terms of sunlight and watering, it may be that the planter isn't the right depth for the root needs of the plant.

7. Looking for a change in style/color

One of the biggest signs you need to buy new planters is that you are simply ready to mix things up! Since planters add a lot of life to any space, changing them up from time to time can be an easy way to freshen up the vibe. There is no denying that our tastes change over time and trying new styles can be fun. If you are looking for an easy way to mix things up, trying a new style or color planter may be the best idea.

8. Upgrade in quality

One of the best reasons to buy new planters is to upgrade the overall quality. Many people purchase planters looking for the best price, but that discounted price often comes with a lowered quality. When you want to upgrade the quality of the planters in your business or home, there are better options available for those willing to invest in quality.

9. You want to add more to the landscaping/interior

A simple reason to buy new planters is because you want to add more planters to the space. There are so many ways to use planters that you don't really need any other reason to buy them. You can use them to flank doorways, line a walkway, act as a table centerpiece, place them at the ends of the sofa, and so much more. If you want to up the décor inside or the curb appeal outside, planters are the perfect way to do so.

10. Looking to add privacy barriers

Another reason to buy new planters is to create a privacy barrier. In order to do this, you will need tall planters capable of holding plants in need of extra root depth space. This is ideal for yards that are too close together in residential settings and spaces like hotel and restaurant patios.

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