How to Use Indoor Planters in Restaurants

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Nov 25th 2019

While the notion of restaurant décor used to be on the more formal side bordering boring, the average diner of today is getting a breath of fresh air in the form of restaurant plants. More and more establishments are adding indoor planters to the décor as a way to shake things up. While this is a hot new trend in design sweeping cities from Los Angeles to the Big Apple, there are a few things restaurateurs need to know when implanting commercial indoor planters in their layout.

modern restaurant with plants on the walls

Reasons to Add Plants

Plants make air cleaner. The use of greenery in a restaurant or bar serves the purpose of purifying the air. There have been several studies conducted highlighting the fact that the use of plants indoors helps to reduce toxins and pollutants in the air such as benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde. Customers always appreciate the fact that businesses cater to their overall comfort and health so adding a few plants can help up the standards of your location.

Plants add easy décor. The days of restaurants offering pretty much the same look and vibe as any other restaurant are gone. The modern restaurant now uses unique décor elements to draw in customers. Plants are an easy way to add details of designs beyond the basics. They can be used in exciting ways such as a wall of climbing vines or pretty flowers placed in  vibrant indoor planters. Many restaurants and bars are finding new ways to use plants in both grand and small scale elements much to the enjoyment of customers. Best of all, even a rather plain and simple design scheme can benefit greatly from just a few plants.

Plants add a pleasing contrast. Greenery is always a pretty contrast when paired with more  modern or urban design elements such as the ever-trendy exposed brick or even metal beams for an industrial vibe. When you have these somewhat colder elements in the design of your business, the use of greenery adds some much need warmth for balance, but also brings about an interesting contrast that is all the rage in the world of commercial design right now.

Plants are a versatile décor element. There are truly so many ways to use plants in a location that it just doesn't make sense not to utilize this décor element. Plants can be used as smaller accents when placed on a communal table as a bowl planter or as dramatic elements when two large planters frame a doorway. From cactus for added texture to the greens mixed with vibrant flowers, there are truly so many ways you can utilize plants in a restaurant or bar that it would be a waste to overlook this easy element that offers such a big payoff.

Tips on Using Plants in Restaurants/Bars

When it comes to adding plants to your location, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. From choosing the plants to finding the  right indoor planters, we have a few tips to make it easier than ever to spruce up your location.

Keep plants healthy! While the trend of adding greenery to restaurants and bars is a favorite for most patrons, no one wants to see dead or diseased plants. In fact, if the plants in a restaurant look unhealthy, many patrons take this as a sign that the restaurant itself is poorly run or dirty. Plants should always be maintained to keep up appearances.

Keep in mind overall care. When you decide to add plants to the décor, you should make careful considerations about how you plan to keep plants maintained. Many larger restaurants hire someone to tend to the needs of the indoor plants while smaller operations may use plants more sparingly and have a designated person in charge of their upkeep. Plants should be chosen based on the level of care they need, such as succulents which require less care in terms of pruning.

Choose hearty plants. If your restaurant or bar wants to add plants without a huge commitment to upkeep, choosing hearty plants such as succulents is a great middle ground. It gives you greenery without as much concern about the plant dying if someone forgets to water it for a few days. While the cactus is the most popular in the succulent family and one of the sturdiest, you should keep in mind they have a prickly surface that may not be entirely ideal for customers. Luckily, there are other succulents with a less prickly nature. For instance, plants such as Aeonium in either the Kiwi, Sunburst, or colorful Mardi Gras variety, as well as Anacampseros rufescens, are succulents that are hearty, easy to care for, and not as prickly as their succulent cousin the cactus.

Mix and match. When choosing plants, don't feel like you are required to stick with one type, size, or color. It is better to mix and match elements throughout the space to create more texture and variety. This opens up your options in terms of plant type and size so you can truly customize it to the space. You should also feel free to mix and match the indoor planters. This can create more color and aesthetic appeal to the space when you use several colors or shapes.

Use larger planters to highlight/frame. The use of larger commercial indoor planters is a great tool to highlight a specific area. These larger planters can be used to frame a doorway, hall, or to highlight an area such as where artwork is framed. You can even use a larger bowl planter on larger tables to add something special to the setup.

Consider the durability of the planter. When choosing the planter to house the plants, it is important to find something that is durable. A good choice is to opt for indoor planters made of fiberglass that is sturdy and coated in a protective coating for extra measure. This type of planter will last for years without showing scuff marks or signs of damage so your customers always have a pleasant impression of the location.

There are so many reasons to add plants to a restaurant. Best of all, there are just as many stylish indoor planters to choose from so you can pinpoint the right décor for the space. This is one easy way to up the appeal of your location in the eyes of potential customers.

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