The Best Planters for Public Spaces

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Mar 4th 2020

A public space should be welcoming and pleasing to the eye. An easy way to make sure this area is inviting to all is to add a few well-placed planters. Plants always help liven up any space and the right planter can act as both a functional home for the plant and a decorative item to up the aesthetics of the area. Finding the right planter for this area can be tricky. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for planters for public spaces.

General Tips

Look at color.

The matter of color for public spaces is crucial to creating the right vibe. The color of the planter can help set the tone for an otherwise plain space with fresh pops of vibrant colors such as red or pink. On the flip side, darker colors are ideal for creating a modern, upscale vibe. The matter of color is always a great starting point when looking for planters for public spaces. After all, the colors for a public space such as a park aimed at families will differ from a public space aimed at upscale metropolitan users.

Consider material.

The material is also important to keep in mind when choosing planters for any space, but especially a public one. You want a public space to maintain proper appearances and no one wants to look at run-down, faded planters. A good option is fiberglass since it is sturdy, easy to care for, and withstands exposure to the elements of sun and rain without taking on damages. The least desirable planter material for public spaces would be wood since it tends to take on considerable damage when exposed to rain.

Have a plan.

Public spaces should have a cohesive design when it comes to planters. While you can mix and match elements such as size, you should stick to a single color or at least two similar colors. You should also have a plan in place of where you will place the outdoor planters and make some sort of uniformity to the placement. For instance, make sure the planters line up with each other when lining a path or that planters aren't just randomly strewn about the space with no order.

When choosing the right size planter for public spaces, there are a few things to keep in mind about large versus small planters. Let's take a look at the benefits of each size category to help you make the right call.

Benefits of Large Planters

Larger pots give more root space.

One of the main reasons to choose larger planters for public spaces is to give more root space. All plants have roots that need space to spread and some plants need more room than others, especially potted trees. If you know the plants will require plenty of root space, a larger pot is the only way to go to ensure a proper growth and vitality outcome.

Larger pots give a more dramatic look.

When looking for a noticeable appeal, larger planters offer a more dramatic appearance sure to stand out. Even in muted colors, the sheer size of a large planter is enough to make it stand out in a public space. Larger pots are also better if you plan to incorporate several types of plants in one pot for an even more dramatic look. You should also keep in mind that rounded pots give a more playful look in a large size while square or rectangle large pots offer a more modern aesthetic.

Larger pots can be used to direct traffic or block off areas.

In some public spaces, there are areas off-limits to patrons. Larger planters can easily be used to make this clear to patrons when placed closely together and blocking off a particular area. Aside from blocking off an area from the public, larger pots are also great for directing foot traffic. If you are trying to direct foot traffic to a certain area such as a focal point or gathering area in the space, larger planters can line sidewalks or paths to direct people and help keep them off the grass.

Benefits of Small Planters

Ideal for tabletops.

The use of smaller outdoor planters has its own unique applications. These smaller pots are ideal for use on tables thanks to the smaller size taking up less surface space. Whether for an indoor table in a communal space or a centerpiece on picnic tables in an upscale city park, smaller pots add a nice touch.

Perfect for smaller spaces.

Speaking of their smaller size, smaller pots are ideal for any area that is on the smaller size since they take up less room. From window ledges wide enough for a planter box to small pots to flank a doorway, there is a planter in this size to accommodate the available floor or table space.

Ideal for lining a narrower walkway.

Smaller pots are ideal for lining a walkway that is narrow without losing out on space for foot traffic. For instance, planter boxes come in smaller sizes and are ideal for lining narrow walkways in a pleasing manner without taking up too much room.

Well-suited to daintier plants.

If you already know you want daintier plants in the pot, a smaller pot is better suited to this need. It would look a little silly to have dainty plants such as morning glories or hydrangeas in a large pot. While you could combine these dainty plants with larger ones in a large pot, this may cause overcrowding for the roots. The better option is to use a smaller pot for daintier flowers for a better balance overall.

Easier to move if needed.

Smaller pots are easier to move from one area to another if you need to do so due to reasons such as redesigning or construction. If you have several smaller pots, you will be able to move them a lot easier than having one or two large pots as the main planter sources.

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