The 6 Biggest Indoor Plant Trends for 2022

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Jan 28th 2022

From our homes to our workplaces, the most popular plants and the ways that we use them are already looking very different in 2022. Houseplant trends change every year, but with more businesses using exciting indoor plant ideas, we’re seeing a huge shift in the most popular indoor plants.

Looking for inspiration for adding greenery to your restaurant, want to create a focal point in your hotel lobby or office, or simply looking for the best household plants for your living space? Here are the best indoor plant ideas, houseplant trends, and the most popular plants for 2022.

Indoor Plant Trends

Herbs and Vegetables

For some, it’s an act of rebellion, for others it’s simply a practical alternative to rising food costs, but growing your own food indoors has never been so popular. This has been a popular plant trend throughout 2021, but in 2022 we can expect to see a lot more people realizing that growing your own herbs in containers is remarkably straightforward and extremely satisfying.

For business use, in particular, growing herbs and vegetables is always a smart move. Any restaurant or hotel that uses fresh, homegrown herbs will not only save money on their food costs but can also provide the freshest foods for their customers.

It’s a win/win decision, and we can expect to see growing herbs, tomatoes, and peppers as one of the biggest indoor plant trends of 2022. The fact that those herbs and veggies are so easy to grow and take very little in the way of maintenance is just another reason why they’re some of the best plants for indoors.

Plants as Art

Plants have always played a large role in the art world. Think of all of those still life drawings and paintings of the most popular plants. What’s happening in 2022 is that the plants themselves are now replacing traditional art forms.

There are a few reasons for this, not least of which is that art can be extremely costly, while plants rarely have that massive price tag (unless you're looking at extremely rare varieties). Plants are also a fantastic way to ground any kind of space. In the home, the office, or any kind of workplace, more people than ever are placing large statement trees and plants to catch and draw the eye.

There’s also the trend of using lots of smaller, different varieties of plant containers bundled together to curate a dynamic space of the most popular plants. For interior designers, 2022 looks set to be the year of greenery, and with all of the benefits that come with indoor plants, it’s a trend we’re excited to see more of.

Indoor Plant Trends 2

The Low Maintenance Plant Trends

If you’re new to having plants indoors, you might be stressing yourself out about how much work you're going to have to do to keep them alive. In the workplace especially, taking the time to water and feed plants can be a big responsibility. Perhaps that’s why low-maintenance plants are becoming one of the fastest-growing indoor plant trends of 2022.

From the humble cactus to the bamboo and the swiss-cheese plant, going low maintenance is a great way to start getting used to having greenery where you live or work. Don’t assume that the most low-maintenance popular indoor plants are small or unimaginative either. A large Lady Palm will add drama to any space, and it can even thrive in the shade. For offices and retail spaces, there are plenty of low-maintenance flowers and plants to choose from.

Going low maintenance doesn’t have to mean compromise. For your office, home, or busy workplace, those low maintenance plants are one of the top plant trends of 2022 simply because they survive for longer with very little needed in the way of care and attention.

Large and Bold Leaves

Most of the popular household plants come with small leaves and bright flowers. However, one of the plant trends that started to emerge in 2021 and looks set to become one of the top indoor plant trends for 2022 is those larger leafed, more photogenic species of plant. Instagrammers love them, making them perfect for getting some influencer impact for your restaurant or retail outlet.

Big leaves will make a massive impact, so use them wisely. Their size means that they instantly add a dynamic uniqueness with a tropical feel wherever you place them. For offices, they can be ideal for transforming a gloomy corner or adding a big statement in reception areas.

Of course, with those bigger leaves comes a little more looking after. Most of the large-leafed indoor plants will need plenty of space to grow and plenty of indirect sunlight. Make sure that you do your research so that you know exactly what kind of care and placement you're going to need.

The Money Tree

If you’ve been following the plant trends of the last few years, you might be surprised to find that the classic money tree is on this list. In fact, it’s been called the most popular indoor plant in the world since 2020. In 2022, the humble money tree isn’t going anywhere and remains one of the most well-known trending indoor plants.

Whether that’s down to its association with good luck and fortune, or the fact that they don’t take too much looking after, the fact is that the money tree has always been a popular gift for high-level executives. They look fantastic in the office, but you do have to be careful with them. Once you’ve put them in place, try not to move them around too much, as this can cause leaves to fall off.

Of course, money trees are also well known for being an important part of traditional feng shui, so placement can be very important if you're trying to add positive energy to a space. If you're aiming for a feng shui feel in your home or workplace, place your money tree in the southeast of the room.

Carnivorous Plants

One of the biggest surprises of the year in plant trends, the rise of the carnivorous plant has come completely out of left field. Traditionally seen as something of a novelty plant, carnivorous plants have never been seen as the most popular plants to have. Partly, that’s because they can take quite a bit of looking after.

Indoor Plant Trends 3

However, there are some beautiful carnivorous plants available if you fancy chasing this plant trend. If you're looking for something challenging to grow, then there are carnivorous plants that look stunning, but they will take confidence to look after. The Venus Fly Trap, which is probably the most famous carnivorous plant, isn’t quite as challenging as other varieties. Constantly moist soil is vital, as is bright, indirect light.

The best thing about carnivorous plants is that you don’t need to mess about with any fertilizer. They get all of their nutrients from the insects that they feed on, so that saves you a job! If you do decide to add some carnivorous plants to your home or workplace, the Cape Sundew should be your starting point. Very pretty, extremely adaptable, and easy to grow, this is one of the easiest carnivorous plants to care for if you're new to this type of gardening.

The Top Indoor Plant Trends 2022

There are some surprises to be seen in this year's leading indoor plant trends. The blend of traditional and popular indoor plants combined with the surprises like the carnivorous plant trend and the growing number of people who are adding edibles to their homes and workplaces has been fascinating to watch.

As more people are learning about the benefits of having indoor plants at home and in the workplace, it’s no surprise that new ideas are working well with the classics. If you’re thinking of bringing nature inside and you're not sure where to start, these indoor plant ideas and trends are a great place to start.

Always remember to do some research before you decide on the plants that you want to add to your indoor spaces. Match the kind of plants to your climate, the light, the space, and how much time you can dedicate to looking after your chosen greenery. Get it right, and those indoor spaces can be transformed long-term.

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