5 Alluring Tall Outdoor Planters That Unveil Nature's Majestic Stature

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Aug 10th 2023

Ah, the allure of a finely crafted landscape design. It's a symphony of elements, where every detail plays its part in creating a visual masterpiece. And truly, nothing commands attention quite like a tall  outdoor planter —standing tall and proud, it becomes the focal point that breathes life into the surrounding space. We have picked our top 5 Tall Outdoor Planters that will take your landscape to new heights.

#1 Toulan Tapered Tall Square Planter

Toulan Tapered Tall Square Planter

Just imagine the impact of a towering planter, jutting up towards the sky like a beacon of nature's beauty. It adds drama and grandeur, demanding the attention of all who pass by. It's like a captivating character in a well-scripted play, drawing you in with its exquisite presence. The  Toulan Tall Square Planter is made in heights from a simple 22" tall to a towering 60" tall.

#2 Saint Tropez Tall Vase Planter

Saint Tropez Tall Vase Planter Pot

But it's not just about the aesthetics. These tall planters are functional powerhouses, offering unique opportunities for creativity and practicality. They give you the canvas to bring nature to new heights, quite literally. By elevating your plants and flowers, they make them more visible and create a striking visual display. The  Saint Tropez Tall Vase elevates your plants from 32" tall to a whopping 60" tall.

#3 Corry Tall Cylinder Plant Pot

Tall Cylinder Plant Pot

These magnificent vessels not only add vertical interest to your landscape, but they also allow for a greater variety of plant choices. Trees, shrubs, and climbing vines can all find a home in these towering planters, expanding the possibilities and adding layers of depth to your design. The  Corry Tall Cylinder is perfect to frame an entry way with heights from 20" to 36" tall adding plenty of room to elevate your plants, or create a striking abode for draping plants.

#4 Perth Tall Planter Box

Perth Tall Planter Box For Privace

Moreover, these tall outdoor planters contribute to the sense of scale and proportion in your landscape. They create vertical boundaries, framing a space and guiding the eye towards specific focal points. They offer a sense of structure and purpose, defining the boundaries of your outdoor sanctuary and inviting exploration. The Perth Tall Planter Box comes in at a whopping 42" tall and lengths of 24" to 72" commanding attention and creating privacy in your landscape.

#5 12" Wide Planter Box Collection

12" Wide Planter Boxes

When it comes to outdoor planters, size matters. So why settle for a humble pot when you can make a bold statement with towering elegance? Pair these tall planters with the right plants and watch as they transform your landscape into a scene straight out of a magazine spread. Our 12" Wide Collection of planter boxes for sale offers a narrow tall planter that can fit any space.  From a short pop of 18" to attention grabbing 32", you can use them as an accent, or create linear definition.

In the world of design, it's all about making an impression. And with tall outdoor planters as the star of your landscape, you're guaranteed to leave a lasting one. So dare to dream big, and let your landscape design reach new heights with these majestic planters. Elevate your space, command attention, and create a masterpiece that will be remembered for years to come.