Ways to Use Outdoor Planters to Increase Curb Appeal

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Dec 2nd 2019

As any homeowner knows, curb appeal is an important factor in selling a house. The curb appeal of a house helps with making a good first impression and also helps the potential buyer envision living there themselves. When it comes to creating a pleasing area sure to spark interest with potential buyers, these tips on how to use outdoor planters are here to help up the curb appeal of your home.

Front door to a house with potted plants outside

Use Color

One of the best ways to use outdoor planters to your curb appeal advantage is to utilize them in fun colors. You want your house to stand out from the others on the block and a fresh pop of color is always memorable. When choosing outdoor planters, consider adding vibrant hues such as yellow, pink, or red to liven up the space. While choosing colorful planters is always an easy way to freshen up the space, you can also add color by way of the plants and flowers inside the planter. The key is to make sure the color of the planter and the color of the plants/flowers work together. For instance, if you are using bold yellow flowers in the planter, consider a color other than yellow for the planter itself. You don't want to match the color of the flowers to the color of the pot since this will be overbearing and displeasing to the eye. It is better to mix colors but mix them with careful consideration.

Add Texture

Another great benefit of outdoor planters is that you can use them to add a bit of texture to the space. Adding different textures to an area helps to create something more unique in terms of design and it is also pleasing to the eye. To create texture with planters, start with the planter itself by choosing options without a perfectly smooth surface. This can be done with either a pebble surface or even the overall design featuring a raised edges or other raised surface elements. You can also use the plants to create a bit of texture. From the use of plants with spiky leaves to the use of a few well-placed cacti amid soft flower petals, there are plenty of ways to create texture using plants. Texture can also be created by choosing a few plants that hang down from the pot as they grow for a wild garden appeal.

Choose Durable Options

If you are using planters to up the curb appeal of your home, you should shop for durability. A planter should be made with durable material that won't crack or break and it should be coated in a special coating to help resist color fading from exposure to sun, rain, and other outside influences. There is nothing worse for curb appeal than something that looks worn down or damaged. You want to present an image of a well-maintained home in every aspect and choosing a durable,  long-lasting planter to keep up with appearances is key.

Consider Placement

When deciding where to place the outdoor planters, there are a few ways to go about it successfully. For starters, planters can be used to frame a doorway by placing two mid-size to  large planters on each side of the door. This is a common way to draw attention to the home without going overboard.

Another solid choice in terms of placement is to line a walkway or driveway with planters. This can be done with  rectangle planters to create a detail that is always pleasing to the eyes. You can also use rectangular planters outside window ledges for a modern, sophisticated way to add some greenery to the curb appeal.

Finally, you should keep in mind that planters, especially larger ones, can act to highlight an area or they can be the main attraction. For instance, planters can be used to frame a doorway or highlight a path leading to the backyard. These applications are more about framing than stealing the show. Planters can be the main attraction when used more as a standalone feature such as placing a large planter full of colorful flowers near the mailbox or creating a garden landscape scene with a towering planter as the centerpiece of the display.

Mix and Match Plants

It can be tempting to simply load up one kind of plant in the planter and call it a day. While this works well for large plants in need of more space to spread as they grow, such as agapanthus or lavender, it is better to mix and match plants to create more variety in terms of texture and color. For example, combining leafy greenery with flowering plants is always a nice mix to up the curb appeal.

Create a Fountain

An easy way to up the curb appeal is to add a beautiful fountain as a focal point. This can be done using a larger planter pot and a water pump. To add to the beauty, make sure you fill the planter with stones on top to give the water something pleasing to run over. You can either do this with the pot standing up or on its side, depending on how much space you have and how involved the area. For example, if you are creating a small backyard pond area in the garden, the planter can be on its side so the stones and water spill out beautifully in the pond. You can also create a planter fountain standing straight up with the water coming out of the top for areas short on space. This is a great way to add to the curb appeal of the home while creating a relaxing oasis.

Create Privacy with Big Leafy Plants

When a potential buyer visits your home, you want them to envision living there. An easy way to up curb appeal is to create a privacy nook using planters with large leafy plants inside. They can be used in the backyard to surround a seating area for a more enclosed, cozy effect. You can also use this approach in areas where your house is a bit too close to the other houses to create more privacy.

The use of planters is a great way to up the appeal of your home. With these tips at the ready, make sure your home is ready for a potential buyer or just your own enjoyment.

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