Selecting Astonishingly Appropriate Large Planters for Trees

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Aug 10th 2023

In a world where the concrete jungle often replaces the serenity of nature, it's crucial to maintain a connection with the natural elements. Trees, with their beauty, shade, and life-giving oxygen, play a vital role in preserving our environment. However, not everyone possesses the luxury of ample space to plant these magnificent beings. Fear not, for extra large planters for trees are the modern-day solution for tree enthusiasts looking to relish in their essence while navigating the constraints of limited space.

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Understanding Your Needs

When it comes to choosing the perfect large planters for trees, understanding your needs is pivotal. Let's delve into the key factors that require careful consideration.

The Size Of Your Tree

Consider the grandeur of Mother Nature herself, as the size of your tree determines the scale of your planter. A planter must be large enough to accommodate the tree's full growth, accounting for both its majestic height and the spread of its roots far and wide. Remember, it's crucial to take into account the growth rate of the tree as well. Faster-growing trees require larger planters sooner, ensuring that they have ample room to flourish. Additionally, recognizing the unique root system of your chosen tree is pivotal. Some trees possess deep-rooted systems that necessitate deep planters, providing an expansive environment for their flourishing presence. Conversely, those with shallow roots can gracefully thrive within shallower abodes. Trees live long lives, consider purchasing a planter with ample room that will last for many years, rather than replanting your tree every season.

The Location of Your Planter

As we carve out a place for nature amidst our urban landscape, the location of your planter assumes great importance. Here are a few aspects that demand your consideration:

Consider The Weight

Picture the sheer beauty a large planter holds, teeming with rich, fertile soil generously cradling a resplendent tree. However, before immersing yourself in this idyllic vision, consider the weight. Large planters can possess considerable heft, particularly once they are filled with nutrient-rich soil and a sturdy tree. Ensure that the chosen location for your planter can firmly support its weight, guaranteeing an enduring structure that seamlessly integrates with your surroundings. A 36"  Square Planter Box can weigh around 2000 lb filled with wet potting soil and a tree. The ground you place the planter on must be prepared to support this weight and you must also select a planter that is designed to handle the stress of this weight without a failure.  In all cases, make sure the planter you select has adequate drainage so that you do not waterlog your gorgeous tree, and also do not overstress your planter or your space with excess water weight. 

Consider The Wind Exposure

While trees possess an inherent resilience, they abide by the whims of their surroundings. If your selected planter finds itself nestled in a wind-swept corner, it's essential to choose a tree that can gallantly withstand the encompassing gusts. By selecting a tree that thrives in windy conditions, you ensure a harmonious integration of nature and environment.

Consider The Sun Exposure

Just as the sun breathes life into nature, it plays a crucial role in determining the well-being of your planted tree. Each species has its unique requirements, with some preferring to bask in the warm embrace of sunny spots, while others thrive in the comforting shade. Identify the specific needs of your tree to ensure that your chosen planter luxuriously basks in the desired sun exposure.

Choosing The Right Planter

Now that we have delved into the necessities of your chosen tree and the location of its planter, let's explore the features you should consider when selecting the perfect receptacle for this natural marvel.

Tree Planter Material

Pots Planters & More recommends lightweight fiberglass for your tree planter.

Fiberglass Tree Planters Are Durable

Fiberglass is a durable composite, where properly made, can withstand the pressures and weights associated with planting large trees. At Pots Planters & More we specialize in making  large planters out of fiberglass. We use high quality virgin materials without excessive filler you will find in "low cost" products that usually fail after a season.

Fiberglass Tree Planters Have Great Aesthetics

As our hearts yearn for the beauty of nature, we simultaneously seek an aesthetic balance in our surroundings. While functionality reigns supreme, the design of your planter should elevate the very essence of your space. Choose a planter that not only caters to the needs of your tree but also seamlessly blends into your landscape or decor. Like a seasoned artist, let the chosen planter be a brushstroke that enhances the canvas of your surroundings, heightening the allure of your outdoor sanctuary.

Include Proper Drainage

While abundance can bring vitality, excess can breed decay. The importance of proper drainage cannot be overstated when it comes to the health of your tree. Ensure that your chosen planter possesses an adequate number of drainage holes, preventing the perils of waterlogging. Excessive moisture quietly bears the specter of root rot and other ailments, silently undermining the wellbeing of your magnificent arboreal friend.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the art of choosing  pots for trees stimulates the harmony between the needs of the tree and the characteristics of the planter. Celebrate the beauty and splendor of trees, no matter the scale of your available space. Captivate the essence of nature and draw its magnificence into the boundaries of our existence. By understanding your tree's journey, the location it will grace, and plunging into the realm of the perfect planter, you can create an ode to nature, celebrating the countless wonders it offers. Expand your horizons, for the choices and possibilities that lie within the realm of your planting vessel are limitless.

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