All-Year Greenery: 6 Best Evergreen Plants for Pots

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Dec 20th 2021

Evergreens are some of the best plants available for containers and pots. They’re simple to grow, easy to care for, and they bring color and life to gardens all year round. The problem is that most people think only of Christmas tree-type plants when they think of evergreens.

The fact is that there are plenty of different types of evergreen plants for pots, and they don’t all have pine needles. Evergreens are great for your pots and containers, and the fact that they can keep their greenery throughout the year is excellent news for your garden, reception area, patio, or balcony.

Evergreens keep their foliage throughout the year, and they’re also perfectly suitable for pots and planters. Those pots will ensure that your evergreens don't grow too big and make it easier to move your evergreens around your yard or patio to match the weather conditions.

Wherever you’re planning to place them, here are the top six evergreen plants for pots that will brighten up your garden or home throughout the year.

1. Boxwood

With green and glossy leaves and the fact that it’s such an easy plant to shape through smart pruning, boxwood is one of the best evergreen plants for pots. Not only is boxwood lush and size-variable, but it’s also deer-resistant. So if you have regular visits from local wildlife, boxwood isn't a plant they’ll feed on.


Ideally, you want to position your boxwood to sit in either full sunlight or only partial shade. While some plants will flower all summer long, boxwood is one of the evergreen plants for pots that won’t produce constant flowers but will bring your living space to life all year round.

2. Japanese Pieris (Japanese Andromeda)

If you're looking for evergreen plants for pots that come with beautiful flowers, you can’t go wrong with the Japanese Pieris. It’s an evergreen shrub and flowers during late winter and early spring. The upside-down blooms start with a gorgeous deep red that slowly turns pink and then a luscious dark green as it grows and matures.

Japanese Pieris

However, although the Japanese Andromeda is known as one of the hardiest evergreen plants for pots, you must keep yours out of the full glare of sunlight. You’ll want to place them either in a fully shaded area or somewhere with partial shade.

3. Nandina

It’s hard to beat the Nandina when it comes to evergreen plants for pots. During the summer months, the foliage on your Nandina will slowly turn a delightful pale green accompanied by stunning green berries. The berries will start to turn a bright red during the fall, as will the foliage itself.


Over the winter, the foliage and the berries will stay on the Nandina, and it’s an evergreen that does more than provide vivid colors throughout the year. Birds are particularly keen on Nandina berries, so you’ll have plenty of wildlife visiting. A top tip for Nandina positioning is to place them near any water features you have. They look simply stunning, which is why they remain a top choice when looking at evergreen plants for pots.

4. Lavender

What’s not to love about classic lavender, whether it's in pots or soil? Often overlooked as one of the most popular evergreen plants for pots, lavender is amazing and much more versatile than you might think. While most people think of lavender and how they can use it to help sleep, it can be used for a lot more than that.


Ideal for balcony gardens, lavender leaves are fragrant throughout the year, and you can use them for everything from wardrobe fresheners to tea. You don’t have to stick to the purple varieties either. There are also white versions (known as arctic snow), and pink versions, to name just a couple. While the flowers of the lavender shrub will only bloom over the summer, lavender adds color and vibrancy throughout the year.

5. Conifers

If you're looking at conifers for your pots and containers, remember that while the majority of them are evergreen, not every conifer is. Make sure that if you're looking for evergreen plants for pots and decide on conifers, do your research first.


However, get the right conifer, and you’ll have a great match when it comes to your pots and your evergreens. They’re visually stunning, and they allow themselves a lot of creativity when it comes to your living space. Conifers are simply one of the best trees for containers, even if you're planning to keep them small. Conifers are the perfect option to look at if you're limited by space but want that lush look throughout the year.

6. Rosemary

From the color it provides to the fact that you can use it for cooking, it’s hard to stress just how great rosemary is when it comes to evergreen plants for pots. Although it’s not ideally suited for colder climates, it’s a great addition to your greenery if you love somewhere warmer. Rosemary is well-known for being one of the best drought-tolerant plants in the world, so if you live somewhere hot, it’s an evergreen well worth considering.


Use a large planter, and don’t fuss with it too much. Place it somewhere that means visitors will be able to brush up against it. Every time they do, the rosemary will release amazing aromas that might just get your stomach rumbling (so it’s great for restaurant owners looking for practical evergreen plants for pots).

Choosing the best evergreen plants for pots

When you're choosing evergreen plants for pots, take the time to do your research. Check the ideal climates for each of your top options, and consider how much care and attention they need. The more you know, the easier it will be to choose the perfect evergreen plants for pots that match your needs.

From business owners that want a low-maintenance evergreen to bring color to the workplace to gardeners who wish to bring life to their outdoor spaces throughout the year, evergreen plants for pots are the ideal solution. Get them right, and you’ll have color, vibrancy, and life throughout the year, where you need it most.

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