3 of the Best Trees for Containers

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Sep 10th 2021

3 of the Best Trees for Containers

While some trees are prized for their billowing spring blossoms and others are adored for their reliable evergreen color, all are fantastic for adding height, structure, and beauty to commercial landscapes, both inside and out. There are thousands of tree species to pick from — although not all of them are suitable for cultivating in containers, so be sure to check their mature size before purchasing and stick to dwarf or ornamental varieties.

To help you work out which trees are most suited to your space, it's also a good idea to consider the role you want them to play. For example, do you want your trees to add shade to an alfresco dining area or hotel rooftop terrace? Would you like them to act as a windshield and provide privacy to balconies or poolside seating? Do you hope they'll help support local wildlife and encourage pollinators? Once you've answered these questions and you’ve narrowed down your selection, use the USDA Plant Hardiness Map to determine whether the plants you wish to decorate with are likely to thrive in your climate.

If you're still not sure where to begin, this list of the three best trees for containers is guaranteed to inspire you.

1. Conifers

Available in a stunning array of hues, textures, and shapes, conifer trees, such as juniper, cypress, pine, and fir, are perfect for growing in sturdy outdoor planters. Do note, though; these trees must be grown in a container at least 5 inches bigger than the plant to allow their roots to fan out and gather as many nutrients as possible.

The best thing about perennial plants is that they provide lush, year-round greenery, as long as you use a high-quality, well-draining potting mix and are careful not to overwater them, which can cause mold and other potentially lethal diseases.

Where to position: dot conifers along walkways or queuing areas to guide customers to your door or add a couple on either side of an entranceway to really make a statement.

2. Ficus Trees

Native to Australia and the South Pacific, this tropical tree can soar up to the vertigo-inducing heights of 50ft or more, but luckily when grown at home, the tallest they reach is 10ft. Boasting glossy, deep green leaves protruding from a skinny trunk, the brilliantly versatile ficus is just as happy on a patio as it is inside if sat beside a south-facing window or under a skylight.

Where to position: give your office a clean, contemporary touch by adding several ficus trees in sleek fiberglass planters to your layout. Plus, research shows that the inclusion of houseplants in the workplace improves productivity and feelings of wellbeing.

3. Japanese Maple

Ideal for lending a zen-like vibe and plenty of dappled shade to a reception, foyer, or outdoor bar, the Japanese maple is famed for its weeping branches, elegant shape, and eye-catching fall foliage, with its delicate leaves turning shades of russet, burnt orange, and plum as the seasons change. It does require regular watering throughout the spring and summer months and must be kept in a sheltered location, away from drying winds and scorching sunlight.

Where to position: place around sun loungers or outdoor spa seating areas to add beauty, shade, and an air of relaxation.

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