Top 4 Plants That Flower All Summer Long for Your Container Garden

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Jul 23rd 2021


With long warm days and bright sunshine encouraging them to unfurl their petals and shoot for the sky, is there anything more beautiful than the riotous colors and alluring aromas of flowers during the summer?

And don't feel you have to miss out on this stunning seasonal display simply because you lack the space. Even if all you have is a balcony, deck, driveway, or windowsill, you can still add instant curb appeal to your business or home by using pots and planters to grow flowers and foliage. Read on to discover the top four plants that flower all summer long, filling your container garden with glorious blooms from late spring until early fall.

1. Marigolds

Although you can also find yellow, maroon, and even cream varieties, these fabulous frilly orange flowers are a summer staple, guaranteed to light up any outdoor planter. Marigolds are popular with beginner gardeners as they are almost indestructible, easily surviving light frosts and resisting most pests. Plus, their strong scent acts as a natural mosquito repellent, allowing you to enjoy your outside space without getting covered in itchy bites.

Potting Tips:

These easy-going plants flower reliably throughout the season, even in punishing heat or positioned in direct sunlight. To keep them healthy, water them regularly, use a lightweight potting mix and choose a big enough container as marigolds require plenty of air circulation and don't like being overcrowded. 

2. Sunflowers

With statuesque stems and magnificently showy flowers, nothing represents summer more than large planters full of bobbing sunflowers, and they’re a breeze to cultivate too! These plants can grow up to 10-15 feet tall with plate-size heads and produce edible seeds snacked on by squirrels and birds and delicious sprinkled over salads.

Potting Tips:

While dwarf types are best suited to small urban spaces as they typically only reach a meter in height, it's possible to grow mammoth sunflowers in containers so long as the pot is big enough and you provide plenty of nutrients. As an inexpensive fertilizer, smash eggshells into tiny pieces and sprinkle them into the mud.

Plant these flowers in well-draining soil and water whenever the top layer feels dry to the touch. Keep in mind that they do need plenty of light and like being positioned to face the sun.

3. Fuchsia

From shades of shocking electric pink to soft off-whites, fuchsias are tropical-looking flowers that come in both long, trailing vines and upright bush varieties. These delicate bulb-like buds do take a little more effort to maintain than other plants on this list — but for the extra work you put in, you'll be rewarded by a beautiful abundance of pretty pendants, perfect for dangling over the edge of hanging baskets or patio planter boxes.

Potting Tips:

Be aware, for fuchsia to thrive, they need to be kept in the shade as their delicate flowers damage easily in direct sunlight. Ensure they get a good glug of water daily, and if you live in a particularly dry climate, mist your plants every so often to keep them sufficiently moist. We also advise you regularly prune them because new growth will only appear once you pick off the dead blossoms.

4. Lavender

A charming perennial shrub that flourishes every year from spring until late summer, lavender's purple flowers and slender silvery-green stems are instantly recognizable. Their soothing scent attracts bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, and its petals are ideal for making essential oils and potpourri and flavoring sauces and desserts.

Potting Tips:

Incredibly easy to care for, lavender loves a sunny spot and is drought tolerant — in fact, be careful not to overwater this plant as this causes root rot. Plant them in large fiberglass planters using soil mixed with lots of coarse grit to aid drainage and add a layer of mulch to the crown to prevent pesky weeds from popping up.

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