11 Big-Ass Planters for Big-Ole Spaces

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Apr 8th 2022

To make a big impression in a big-ole space, use a big-ass planter.

Pardon my French, but writing an article about “large pots and planters” just doesn’t have as much of a ring to it. So let’s shoot each other straight and tell it like it is: you’re looking for big ass planters for big ass spaces. So I’m here to hook you up with some great pots and planter ideas, specifically for those bigger-than-normal areas you need to decorate.

Big pots and planters fill up empty areas, look great, add color and vibrancy, and can help direct foot traffic. But it’s not always easy to find great products for spaces like that. So in this article, we’re going to look at some of the products we’ve found that fit the big-spaces bill.

But first, a question: What do I mean by “big-ass planters”?

Answer: Something that could hold a tree, a really big plant, or a bunch of smaller plants. (That’s not a scientific answer, but you get the idea).

Second, another question: What do I mean by “big-ole spaces”?

Answer: An area that has a large empty space you need to fill and make beautiful. ie: a porch, a poolside, a lobby, a building entryway, a rooftop patio, a meeting space, etc. (Again, you get the idea).

Ready for some inspiration?

Let’s dive in.

1. For a Large Home Staircase - Try the Strasbourg Tall Tapered Round Planter

Some people with a little less class and creativity than you might not do anything with a space like this. Well, as awesome as it is on its own, these planters take it up a few notches.

These big bad boys are 40” tall and – like everything else we recommend – only the highest quality fiberglass construction. Choose from Antique White (pictured), Cocoa Brown, Eggplant Purple, Pink Mimosa, Amethyst, or one of the dozens of other finishes we have available every single day.

2. For a Commercial Building Entryway - Use a set of Amesbury Tall Narrow Planter Boxes

What message does your commercial building communicate to clients and team members as they walk in? Well, for lots of decor-less commercial entryways I’ve seen, the only message I get is: “THIS IS A DOORWAY AND NOTHING ELSE.” Why not add a friendly, elegant little “welcome-to-our-well-run-and-friendlybusiness” vibe to the entryway?

These Amesbury tall narrow planter boxes are an elegant and minimal way to add some color to an otherwise boring doorway. As with all the other items in this collection, they’re almost infinitely customizable.

3. For an Elegant Front Porch - Try the Milano Narrow Planter Box

Not only do large planter boxes like these Milano narrow planters add some instant curb appeal, they’re also great for keeping toddlers from walking off the edge and landing in your hydrangeas. Win-win!

The planters pictured are the “Fire Engine Red” finish and look fantastic if I do say so myself.

4. To Steer Foot Traffic -Check out the Santiago Tall Square Planter Box

Speaking of steering toddlers (and taller people) in the right direction, large planters like the Santiago tall square planter box in this pic can help point people where you want them to go. And because they’re made of high-quality fiberglass, they’re lightweight and easy to move.

Need to temporarily block off an aisle of the store but don’t want to throw up an ugly “do not enter” sign? Just shimmy a couple of these planters in place. Obviously, the uses are endless.

5. To Fill Up a Lonely Corner - Gather a few Marseille Low Bowl Planters

There’s nothing worse than a boring corner. These Marseilles low bowl planters can add a lot of height without adding a lot of bulk when paired with a few tall plants. Group them together and turn that sad little corner into a happy little island sanctuary.

6. To Create Separation in a Pool Area - Build a low wall with Brisbane Extra Large Planter Boxes

Low boxes like these help separate any space with a little more style than a fence or wall. Add 2-3 together and you’ve got yourself two distinct areas. Love it.

7. To Make an Inviting Sitting Area - Try theSpiral Distinctive Organic Planter Pot

Man, I love this planter. It has a ton of character, and rounds out sitting spaces so well.

8. To Pretty-Up a Portico (Or Pretty Much Anywhere Else) - Use a Pair of San Jose Tall Fluted Planter Pot

While I love the word “portico,” I did have to google it to make sure I had the phrasing right here. If you’re an interior designer or builder, you probably knew it right away. This pair of tall fluted planter pots is another great example of how to add style and class to any doorway.

9. To Flank a Walkway - Try theSanta Barbara Fluted Planter Pot

Walkways are a huge opportunity for putting big pots and planters to work. A lower planter with a taller plant adds a ton of dimension.

10. To Fill Up a Patio - Use theTarragona Bowl Planter Pot

Add some privacy to eating areas or create a break in the flow of the space with a low Tarragona bowl planter.

11. For a Smallish Big-Ass Planter - Check out these Low Profile Planter Boxes

While I wouldn’t classify this as a “big ass pot,” it is fairly long. And right next to an exterior door, under a window you want to keep clear is a perfect spot for it. The planter pictured is 12” tall.

There you have it folks. 11 big-ass pots for big, beautiful spaces.

Hopefully this gets your design gears turning and gives you some ideas for how to make large spaces a little more welcoming.

For more big-ass inspiration, check out this up-to-date collection of large fiberglass pots and planters. 

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