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Tarragona Bowl Planter Pot

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  • Tarragona Bowl Planter Pot
  • Tarragona Bowl Planter Pot
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Pots, Planters & More stands by the quality of our fiberglass manufactured plant…


Pots, Planters & More stands by the quality of our fiberglass manufactured planters. Each planter holds a three (3) year warranty from the time of acceptance of the product. We warrant the initial purchaser of our products that they are of quality material and workmanship, and are free of manufacturing defects. Pots, Planters & More, at their sole discretion, will repair, exchange, or give credit for the original purchase price of any item proving to be of defective materials or workmanship. Mishandling, misuse, abuse, failure to follow directions for use, unauthorized modifications, neglect, accidents or any other hazard to the product voids the three year warranty. Each planter comes with handling and planting instructions to ensure the longevity of your planter. It is highly encouraged to follow these instructions for the best use of your planters from Pots, Planters & More. Please note that it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that water be able to drain sufficiently from the containers with outdoor use. This is notably important in regions that are subjected to freezing conditions. Please note that Pots, Planters & More will not be liable for labor, shipping, delivery, installation or any other costs associated with a claim.


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Tarragona Bowl Planter Pot

Our Tarragona bowl planter pot provides a unique planter option with a wonderful blend of simplicity and elegance. Its design is striking yet sophisticated in equal measure. The curved lines of the Tarragona bowl planter pot offer a subtle dramatic touch that can complement a more traditional design scheme or can be used as part of the flowing, changing shapes of Zen-inspired décor.

With durability and style, our Tarragona bowl planter pots excel indoors and outdoors in any space and exceed aesthetic expectations.

Why Buy Tarragona Bowl Planter Pots?

The Tarragona bowl planter is characterized by its classic bowl shape with clean lines and modern appeal. It boasts the versatility to suit contemporary, traditional, and transitional spaces.

The Tarragona bowl planter not only brings an immediate feeling of style and symmetry, but its durability makes it a stand out option for any interior or exterior set up. Made from high-quality fiberglass, the Tarragona bowl planter pot is built to resist all weather conditions. It won’t crack, chip, or fade however harsh the elements. A variety of colors and hand-painted finishes mean it’s able to complement any décor.

Our Tarragona bowl planter pots look at home in stylish interior design, everyday gardening, or adorning the entryway of an office, hotel, or restaurant. While a single Tarragona bowl might be used as a stand-out feature in home interior design or comfortable home exteriors, a pair or more of substantially sized Tarragona bowl planter pots make for sophisticated additions to lobbies, pool decks, or business exteriors.

Our Range of Different Tarragona Bowl Planter Pots

Available in over 45 different colors, low and high glosses, and with or without drainage holes, you can find the right Tarragona bowl planter pot suited to your purpose and project.

A planter pot chosen without drainage holes is guaranteed to provide a leak-proof addition to any interior that won’t damage or overwhelm the space. Use it as a stand-out feature in your living room or hallway.

A Tarragona planter pot chosen with drainage holes will survive the test of time outside and sustain all extreme weather conditions while providing a great home for plants to flourish. With a 30” diameter and a 20” height our Tarragona bowl planter pots are just the right size for both indoor and outdoor additions.

We have both subtle and captivating colours. Colors like antique white, charcoal grey, and infinity black offer timeless neutral tones that will never go out of fashion, adding a sophisticated touch to any setup. Shades like avocado, merlot red, midnight blue, and orchid offer more contemporary eye-catching injections of color.

As a brilliant transitional piece, and a welcome addition to any botanical display, the Tarragona bowl planter pot is a simple yet elegant planter available in a wide range of colors. The perfect choice for homeowners, designers, and businesses with any style or message.

Colors depicted on your screen may vary from how the planter looks in different lighting situations. To guarantee color match, please order a sample from our available color swatches.

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Pots, Planters & More stands by the quality of our fiberglass manufactured planters.

Planters are covered by a three (3) year warranty from the date of acceptance. As the original purchaser of our products, we warrant that they are free from manufacturing defects and made from quality materials.
Any item proving to be defective in material or workmanship will be repaired, exchanged, or credited at the discretion of Pots, Planters & More.

Any misuse, abuse, unauthorized modifications, neglect, accidents, or any other hazard to the product will void the warranty.
Detailed instructions are provided with each planter to ensure its longevity. Pots, Planters & More strongly recommends following these instructions when using your planters.

It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure that containers for outdoor use have sufficient drainage. It is particularly important in regions that are subject to freezing temperatures.

Labor, shipping, delivery, installation, or any other costs associated with a claim will not be covered by Pots, Planters & More.


We ship to the continental United States of America. Orders to other locations cannot be placed on this website and you will need to contact us at

All our shipments are sent via common carrier (LTL). Each shipment will either be delivered to a dock (if available) or curbside via liftgate. Recipient is responsible for moving the planters from the curb or dock to their final point of installation.

Shipping & Handling is included in the price for retail sales, and will be quoted & billed at actual freight rates for wholesale sales.

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What is your lead time?

Typically 1-2 weeks after receipt of order for in-stock planters.

Do you offer wholesale pricing or bulk discounts?

Yes. We work with many designers, architects, installers, and businesses. Fill out our form and a representative will reach out to discuss your project.

What is the availability of your planters?

We stock thousands of planters across all of our sizes. If an item is out of stock, typical production is 8 to12 weeks. There is no job too small or too big for us to handle.

What is the delivery transit time?

Typically orders are delivered within a week after shipping. Currently, West Coast orders can be 1-2 weeks after shipping.Our new Las Vegas production facility will decrease these times. It is launching in Q4 2022

How do your planters hold up?

Our planters are installed and thrive in extreme conditions. From Chicago rooftops to the Phoenix sun, to Miami salt air, our planters stand the test of time. While we offer a 3-year warranty, planters we have manufactured 10 years ago are still in service.

Are your color samples accurate for the finish we will receive?

Our color samples are finished using the same paint that is placed on the planters.While the color sample material is not our fiberglass the color and sheen will be accurate to what you will receive on the planter.Certain shapes may change the perception of color, as round and flat shapes may reflect light differently.

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What are the weight / interior dimensions of a planter?

There should be specification sheets available on each product page for download. If you have trouble finding the information you are looking for, send an email to and we will get you what you need.