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Pots Planters & More
Tegel - Tapered Round Planter Pot | Fiberglass
$328.95 - $459.95
Lemon Yellow San Jose Fiberglass Large Tall Fluted Planter Pot
San Jose - Tall Fluted Planter Pot | Fiberglass
$309.95 - $573.95
Stately Bronze Brisbane Fiberglass Wide Outdoor Planter Boxes
Brisbane - 24" Wide Planter Box | Fiberglass
$626.95 - $1,236.95
Pots Planters & More
Peypin - Tall Round Planter Pot | Fiberglass
Pots Planters & More
Camoux - Narrow Contemporary Planter Box | Fiberglass
Key Lime Green Marseille Fiberglass Low Bowl Planter Pot
Marseille - Low Bowl Planters | Fiberglass
$241.95 - $444.95
Silver Polish Potsdam Fiberglass Large Rectangular Planter Boxes
Potsdam - 16" Wide Large Planter Boxes | Fiberglass
$628.95 - $1,392.95
Gunmetal Metallic Montroy Square Fiberglass Planter Boxes
Montroy Cube - Square Planter Box | Fiberglass
$250.95 - $1,709.95
Low Profile Fiberglass Planter Boxes
Kiel - Low Profile Planter Box | Fiberglass
$332.95 - $598.95
Matador Red Wannsee Fiberglass Round Large Tree Planter Pot
Wannsee - Large Round Tree Planter | Fiberglass
$628.95 - $1,144.95
Cocoa Brown Spiral Distinctive Organic Fiberglass Planter
Spiral - Distinctive Organic Planter | Fiberglass
Bright White Corry Tall Cylinder Fiberglass Planter Pot
Corry - Tall Cylinder Planter Pot | Fiberglass
$140.95 - $289.95
Fiberglass Globe Spherical Round Planter Pot
Globe - Spherical Planter Pot | Fiberglass
$338.95 - $802.95
Ebony Black Pego Oval Fiberglass Round Planter Pot
Pego Oval - Tall Planter Pot | Fiberglass
$311.95 - $532.95
Bright White Saint Tropez Fiberglass Tall Vase Planter Pot
Saint Tropez - Tall Vase Planter Pot | Fiberglass
$235.95 - $564.95
Ebony Black Lima Fiberglass Tapered Square Planter Box
Lima - Square Tapered Planter | Fiberglass
$113.95 - $512.95
Cobalt Blue Bara Jar Fiberglass Tall Tapered Round Planter
Bara Jar - Tall Tapered Round Planter | Fiberglass
$430.95 - $572.95
Navy Blue Rio Grand Fiberlass Modern Cylinder Planter Pot
Rio Grande - Modern Cylinder Planter Pot | Fiberglass
$252.95 - $343.95
Matador Red Alicante Fiberglass Large Fluted Planter Pot
Alicante - Tapered Fluted Planter Pot | Fiberglass
$221.95 - $552.95
Eggplant Purple Hayden Fiberglass Vase Planter Pot
Hayden - Vase Planter Pot | Fiberglass
$87.95 - $238.95
Gunmetal Metallic Toulan Tall Tapered Square Fiberglass Outdoor Planter
Toulan - Tapered Tall Square Planter | Fiberglass
$225.95 - $1,530.95
Pink Mimosa Salzburg Fiberglass Round Planter Pot
Salzburg - Round Planter Pot | Fiberglass
$136.95 - $214.95
Cobalt Blue Short Hayden Fiberglass Table Top Planter Pot
Short Hayden - Tabletop Planter Pot | Fiberglass
$81.95 - $203.95
Ebony Black Britz Fiberglass Tall Square Column Planter
Britz - Square Column Planter | Fiberglass
$241.95 - $798.95
Gunmetal Metallic Salon Fiberglass Planter Box
Salon - 8" Wide Planter Box | Fiberglass
Stately Bronze Strasbourg Fiberglass Tall Tapered Round Outdoor Planter
Strasbourg - Tall Tapered Round Planter | Fiberglass
Stately Bronze Badalona Fiberglass Wide Outdoor Planter Box
Badalona - 17" Wide Planter Box | Fiberglass
Eggplant Purple Tupelo Tabletop Fiberglass Planter Box
Tupelo - Tabletop Planter | Fiberglass
$107.95 - $188.95
Sapphire Blue Santa Barbara Fiberglass Fluted Outdoor Planter Pot
Santa Barbara - Fluted Planter Pot | Fiberglass
Eggplant Purple Tarragona Fiberglass Bowl Planter Pot
Tarragona Bowl - Planter Pot | Fiberglass
Stately Bronze Panama Fiberglass Tapered Planter Box
Panama - Tapered Planter Box | Fiberglass
Charcoal Grey Santiago Fiberglass Tall Square Outdoor Planter Box
Santiago - Tall Square Planter Box | Fiberglass
$214.95 - $760.95
Silver Amesbury Tall Narrow Fiberglass Planter Box
Amesbury - Tall Narrow Planter Box | Fiberglass
$296.95 - $791.95
Lemon Yellow Amsterdam Fiberglass Tapered Narrow Planter Box
Amsterdam - Tapered Rectangular Planter | Fiberglass
$251.95 - $380.95
Pink Mimosa Bonn Wide Fiberglass Outdoor Planter Box
Bonn - 15" Wide Planter Box | Fiberglass
Antique White Alzira Fiberglass Round Outdoor Planter Pot
Alzira - Round Planter Pot | Fiberglass
$369.95 - $777.95

Potential clients and customers visiting your location will be wowed with our full line of commercial planters ideal for restaurants, offices, retail buildings, hotels, and more. Pots, Planters & More offers a wide selection of extra-large planters, including eye-catching tall entrance planters that will catch the attention of passersby, or extra-long planter boxes that can accentuate patio space, provide definition, and provide guests with privacy. When looking to add something appealing and inviting to your location, commercial planters are a smart move sure to please.

All of our stylish commercial planters are made from high-quality materials in easy-care finishes for a choice as durable as it is stylish. They can easily stand up to high-traffic spaces like lobbies, patios, and waiting rooms without worry. Shop our full selection of commercial planters – free shipping makes it easy to shop.

Office Building Planters and Planter Boxes

Midsize commercial planters add both high style and air-purifying greenery to office spaces. Our medium-sized options add color, life, and interest to the corner of a conference room, waiting area or lobby. However big or small the space, we have planters that imbue offices with simple, elegant style, and our high-quality, durable materials will protect your investment for years to come.

Hotel Planters

Create a calming and welcoming environment in a hotel lobby, spa, pool area or patio with large hotel planters to add distinction and serenity to the accommodations while increasing guest relaxation and satisfaction. Our selection of big and small, modern and traditional hotel lobby planters creates elegant style in hotel hallways, private rooms, and meeting rooms. Free shipping makes shopping our selection of hotel planters a simple choice.

Planters for Outdoor Restaurant Spaces

Enjoying a meal outside is one of life’s simple pleasures, and offering a stylish, elegant and comfortable patio or deck is a great way to attract customers – and encourage them to return. Choose from our selection of outdoor restaurant planters to capitalize on outdoor space, draw in foot traffic and showcase your restaurant’s personality. Planters for outdoor restaurant spaces can define a dining area and provide guests with a little more privacy from the public. They’re also a great way to show elegant curb appeal and increase profits by providing more dining space. Our selection of durable outdoor restaurant planters can stand up to high-traffic areas and harsh weather for many years, and shipping is free!

Municipal Building Planter Boxes

Commonly used to decorate shopping centers, public parks, apartment complexes and more, municipal building city planters are an easy way to accentuate a building’s indoor and outdoor areas with elegant and timeless designs. Choose clean and modern designs for apartment complexes or condos where a touch of style is needed. For park and public planters, opt for a durable design that can withstand unpredictable weather and wear and tear. Our city planters are offered in a variety of designs and materials to match your space’s themes and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your property. Pick up several municipal planters today with free shipping options available!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions while browsing our selections. Our friendly team is always happy to assist you in any way.