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Self-Watering Planters

Make life simpler with our range of self-watering planters made from highly durable and weather-resistant materials — the perfect choice for your patio or other outdoor areas at home. Each self-watering planter is versatile and takes the hassle out of plant maintenance. 

Simply fill the planter's internal reservoir with water, and the plants will do what they need when they need it, giving you peace of mind while on holiday or away from home for short periods. 

The average refill time of our self-watering planters is two-three weeks. Inside each planter is an internal wicking assembly that has been pre-installed, which delivers continuous, measured moisture from the reservoir to your plant's root system.

Self-watering planters offer superior plant growth while simultaneously reducing labor costs, fuel, and water usage by 50-80% over traditional maintenance of outdoor planters.

Need help choosing your self-watering planters or need a custom design? Get in touch with our customer service team today. Our friendly agents are happy to help. Why not ask about our wholesale planters program?

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