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Bowl Planters

When looking for a pleasing option sure to bring new life to any space, a tasteful planter in a pleasing style is always a great choice. Our selection of small and large bowl planters helps create an elegant, modern arrangement that combines clean lines with gracious curves. A pleasing way to showcase a range of styles, bowl planters are perfect for plants and displays that need a home that's wider than it is deep, like mini succulent gardens and water gardens.

This is a versatile style choice you can utilize in an array of ways for a fresh detail sure to stand out. These stylish choices look at home in Zen style gardens, near ponds, and displayed in lobbies and living spaces. Place an indoor/outdoor bowl planter atop an accent table, hang it over a patio or porch, or even place it directly on the ground to create visual interest in low-lying areas. Ideal for both residential and commercial spaces to add a touch of beauty, this type of planter is versatile in placement and always pleasing to the eye. No matter where you choose to place them, these bowl planters are a pleasing way to add some aesthetic appeal to any space.

Whether you are looking to add a fresh pop of color in vibrant yellow, red, or orange, or opting to stay with the more muted tones, we have an array of options to suit any preference with ease. From wide lipped designs to options with a smaller rim and taller in height, we offer a range of choices to meet every need. With plenty of sizes, heights, and colors, our bowl planters can be easily mixed and matched to create a stylish, customized collection. With the free domestic shipping and our stylish options at the ready, your only design limit is your imagination. Order today and add this appealing option to your space.

If you have any questions while shopping with us, please reach out for assistance. We are committed to delivering an outstanding customer service experience with every order.

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