Ways to Use Planter Boxes

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Mar 11th 2020

When choosing the right way to add some extra décor and greenery to a space, planters are a great solution. They provide extra appeal to the area while bringing vibrant color to what could otherwise be a boring space. When looking at the available types of pots available, the use of  planter boxes should always be considered as a great go-to for a few reasons. Let's take a look at why these are a great choice.

Benefits of Planter Boxes

So, why use planter boxes for your space? There are a ton of unique benefits to this particular option.

Sleek profile saves on space.

The sleek profile of a rectangular planter box as opposed to a square or round option saves on space. When working with narrow areas or looking to add a touch of greenery with a stylish planter that won't take up too much space, this is one of the best bets based on size.

Range of sizes to choose from.

While the sleek profile saves on space, this isn't to say you don't have choices in terms of size. On the contrary, planter boxes offer a range of sizes in the way of various depths and lengths. If you are looking to plant something in need of deeper root space, a deeper planter box is the key. If you are looking to plant several plants in one box, a longer box is ideal.

Allow for several plants side by side.

With round or square options, the plants must be arranged closer together and in a certain pattern to achieve the right effect. Smaller planters in round or square shapes may only be able to house one plant total due to spacing needs. With a planter box, you can plant a row of plants in one pot or mix and match as desired with more ease.

Versatile in placement.

Thanks to the shape and many available sizes for this type of pot, they are incredibly versatile in where you place them. For instance, this type of pot can be used along walls, walkways, windows, and even on tabletops. This makes this type of pot one of the most versatile on the market.

Indoor/outdoor uses.

This type of planter can be used either indoors or outdoors in a range of ways. The key is to check the materials and make sure the box you choose is suitable for outdoor use, but the overall shape makes it ideal for a range of placements and areas, including exterior applications. From the inside of the home to outside in public spaces, planter boxes are great for just about any need.

Easier to move.

When looking to move the planter later on for whatever reason, it is much easier to have two people grab the planter box and move it than trying to move a round-shaped planter. A round planter is harder to move because they are harder to grab hold of without corners the way a rectangle shape offers.

Residential Use

As a homeowner, there are a few great ways to use planter boxes around the home. Here are a few:

Line a driveway.

If you are looking to add extra greenery and style to an otherwise boring driveway, placing planters on both sides is a nice touch. This is a great way to up curb appeal while adding to the overall aesthetic of your landscaping.

Place under windows.

The area under windows can be rather boring and plain. When you place a planter box underneath a window, it instantly becomes more charming to the eye.

Start a vegetable garden.

When looking to start a vegetable garden with limited space, a planter box is the perfect answer. You can easily use this type of pot to start a garden and best of all, you can take your garden with you if you move!

Place it on a table.

A planter box works well placed on a long table for an easy centerpiece with a touch of greenery and flowers. This makes it easy to always have a centerpiece on the table without the need to change things every season.

Use it to hold firewood.

Another unique way to use a planter box is to hold firewood by the fireplace. A planter box is great for this because of the shape and it can up the décor to have an aesthetically pleasing firewood holder over the more traditional metal rack.

Commercial Areas

This type of planter is also well-suited to commercial areas as well. From malls to restaurants, here are a few ways to use them in commercial spaces:

Line sidewalks.

Sidewalks can be a boring area of an exterior. Commercial spaces want to create an inviting environment and a well-lined sidewalk with planter boxes is a great way to achieve the right vibe.

Direct foot traffic.

The use of planter boxes to direct foot traffic is a common way to keep commercial areas, especially larger ones, organized and avoid chaos. If you are trying to direct foot traffic to a main entrance or specific area, the use of planter boxes helps direct them where to go while adding extra landscaping appeal. They can also be used to block off areas you don't want customers to enter such as staff areas.

Flank an entrance.

Another great way to use planters is to flank the main entrance. This is a great way to add some appeal and greenery to this important space all while setting the tone for customers. With one planter box placed on each side of the doorway, it creates a charming entrance any customer will appreciate.

Create privacy.

When it comes to outdoor patios at restaurants, taller planter boxes can be a great way to create areas that feel more private. The use of tall planter boxes with leafy greenery creates an oasis feel while blocking the view from sidewalks or streets for more privacy.

Highlight an indoor area.

Planter boxes also work well when placed against a wall to highlight a particular area or element. For instance, placing a large planter box along a wall in the lobby underneath a special piece of artwork helps highlight this element in a pleasing manner.

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