Using Outdoor Planters in Hotel Landscaping

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Dec 16th 2019

Hotels are a place of rest and relaxation for those spending time away from home. Within the hotel industry, the goal is always to create an inviting experience for each guest passing through the lobby doors. When it comes to welcoming guests into your establishment, the matter of the hotel landscaping should never be overlooked. Outdoor planters are a great solution for adding both greenery and overall style to this type of location. From reasons you need to incorporate them to choosing the right one, these suggestions on using outdoor planters can point your location in the right direction.

outside of a hotel

Reasons to Add Plants

Plants Create a Good First Impression

When looking at the many benefits of adding plants to hotel landscaping, the first thing to come to mind is the first impression it leaves with guests. From the moment guests arrive on the lot, they are making judgments about the hotel. The use of plants in the parking lot, walkways, and near the main entrance can help create a good first impression while setting the tone for the overall experience. Plants add a bit of elegance and elevated standards to any location. Guests will immediately know if the location is more on the upscale side based on the planters and plants from the instant they arrive on the property. This is one of the many reasons it is crucial for hotels to use outdoor planters in key areas where guests will be sure to take notice.

Plants Help with Ratings and Reviews

Another main reason to use outdoor planters in hotel landscaping is that it may actually help with ratings and reviews. While it is pretty obvious that impressing your guests from the very start of their visit with a good first impression will impact the reviews they leave on travel websites such as TripAdvisor and the like, it can even be used as part of your AAA rating in terms of the 5-diamond system. The AAA diamond rating indicates that a location is required to have fresh flowers in certain areas such as entries, lobbies, and even rooms in order to get the top tier rating. When a guest arrives to a hotel without plants or flowers, it definitely sets a tone for a less than desirable experience whereas fresh flowers and plants are inviting and indicative of the high standards of the location.

Planters Give More Range

When looking at the overall range of options, it is no wonder more and more hotels are opting for planters in their overall design scheme and landscaping. With planters, it is easy to switch out the plants based on the season without disrupting the ground or too much work. They are also ideal because they can be used in areas where planting flowers in the ground the old-fashioned way would be impractical such as sidewalks and walkways. They also give you more range because they can be used at the entrance to the hotel lobby for a clean presentation that still has a touch of greenery. Many outdoor planters can also be used indoors for grand display making them perfect for lobbies and hallways.

Choosing Plants/Planters

When it comes to choosing the right hotel outdoor planters, there are a few things to keep in mind. While this simple addition can have a big impact on the location and guest experience, it isn't as simple as just adding them and hoping for the best. Here are a few suggestions to set your hotel on the right path:

  • Consider color and shape. The color and shape are two of the most important factors when choosing hotel outdoor planters since both elements can impact how guests view the hotel. When looking for a modern, upscale vibe, choose square or rectangle shapes in darker colors. For a more playful chic environment, stick to round with vibrant colors. When choosing color, be careful not to go too bold or bright as this can sometimes be viewed as childish or gaudy in terms of hotel décor.
  • Choose plants carefully. When choosing the plants, there are only a few limitations. For example, many plants will need room to spread their roots as they grow so it is key to make sure the planter is deep enough for the desired plant in question. The matter of sunlight is also important. Since the key to impressing guests is not just having plants in place but also the plants presenting an overall healthy appearance, it is important to keep in mind that some plants need very little sunlight while other plants need abundant sunlight. When choosing the plants, it is key to look at all the aspect of care it will require before moving ahead.
  • Change plants seasonally. Guests love locations where the flowers and plants change with the season. This could look like pastel pink tulips in spring, lively palm trees in summer, and fall displays of orange, red, and yellow in the autumn. This is one way to show hotel guests that the location is operated in a thoughtful, ever-changing manner rather than a stagnant management.
  • Line walkways and flank doors. When it comes to placement of planters, it is best to use them as guides for traffic flow or entrance points. This means line the walkways with planters to guide guests to the main entrance or along paths throughout the hotel landscaping. The main entrance should always have a planter on each side flanking the door for an elevated appearance.
  • Line up planters with architectural elements. When deciding where to place the planters, it is best to line them up with some sort of architectural element. This will create more order and a pleasing sense of symmetry. You can line up planters with beams or columns of brick or even windows to create this balance.

Adding this type of landscaping solution to a hotel setting is easy and effective with these tips and the right planters. With the big impact they have on guests and ratings, there is no reason for your hotel to skip this step in décor planning.

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