Reasons to Add Indoor Plants to the Bedroom

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Nov 20th 2019

Your bedroom should be an oasis to escape from the world. One way to make this space even better is to add a few indoor planters for some much needed greenery. There are a few reasons to add indoor plants to your bedroom. Let's take a look at the benefits and a few great choices for adding plants to the bedroom.

bedroom with indoor plants

Benefit 1: Plants help you sleep better

One of the biggest benefits of adding indoor planters to the bedroom is they may actually help you get better sleep. There is no denying that getting quality sleep each night is key to feeling refreshed in the morning. Plants help produce more oxygen and reduce levels of carbon dioxide, as well as toxins in the air such as benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde, according to a famous study called the NASA Clean Air Study. This cleaner air helps you breathe better when sleeping. Plants in the bedroom not only clean the air for better breathing, but they also add a bit of aromatherapy. The use of certain plants with aromatherapy properties, such as jasmine and lavender, also offer soothing results in the bedroom to aid in relaxation which in turn helps promote restful sleep.

Benefit 2. They create a calm space

In our modern and often hectic world, there is no denying the need for effective stress management techniques. Did you know adding plants to the bedroom may actually help reduce stress? Studies show that interacting with nature helps to lower stress levels and this includes simply adding green plants to your bedroom. It is especially calming if you add an option with aromatherapy properties as mentioned above such as lavender.

Benefit 3. Plants naturally purify the air

While we all think of the air in our home as cleaner than what we experience while out and about, the truth is that the air in our homes isn't nearly as pure as we like to imagine. As mentioned before in the NASA Clean Air Study, plants help to essentially scrub the air of harmful toxins in the air. In fact, rooms with plants are estimated to have around 60 percent fewer airborne molds and toxins than rooms without plants.

Benefit 4. Plants help with humidity

Plants use a process called transpiration to release moisture from their leaves. This process acts as natural humidifier for your bedroom. For example, if your home struggles with dry air, adding plants such as ferns can help restore some moisture to the air. This is especially useful if you have certain conditions like asthma or allergies where dry air can cause symptoms to flare.

Benefit 5. Adds an easy décor element

When it comes to decorating a space to match your décor preferences, adding indoor planters is one of the easiest ways to spruce up any room. Best of all, plants can be placed in a wide range of planter styles and colors to truly match any preference. Whether you prefer a pretty in pink for a romantic chic style or a geometric shape in a modern color, there is a planter for you to add style to your bedroom. Other elements of décor simply do not bring the many benefits plants offer such as better sleep or healthier air so plants should be the starting point for planning the space.

Top 5 Best Plants for Bedrooms

There are a few plants perfect for the bedroom. If you are new to adding greenery to your space, these are good starting points to reap the benefits of adding plants to your bedroom. Please keep in mind, some plants may be harmful to pets or children when ingested so always do your homework before introducing plants in the home if you have pets or young children.

English Ivy

An easy to care for plant, English ivy gives a beautiful touch of greenery for any bedroom. This plant is more than just a pretty element of décor. According to the NASA Clean Air Study, English ivy is one of the best plants for fighting airborne chemicals and toxins. If you want to improve your air quality for healthier breathing, adding this plant to your bedroom should do the trick.


If stress relief and better sleep are the goal, adding a few plants of lavender is a good idea. This plant helps with lowering stress and increasing relaxation while adding a pleasant scent to the space. It is also a pretty plant with purple flowers so it brings a touch of color perfect for livening up the space.

Spider Plant

For an option that is green and spreads out a bit for a more dramatic appeal, spider plant is a good choice. It is great for air pollution and is known as a scrubber for formaldehyde in particular. It also helps to fight any lingering odors so the room stays fresh.

Peace Lily

A pretty plant with white flowers, the peace lily is an ideal choice for a bedroom plant. It removes both formaldehyde and benzene from the air while also releases moisture to act as a natural humidifier. This pretty plant also brings a nice touch of green with its large leaves.


While you may not think of the cactus when first considering plants, it is a great choice for a few reasons. It adds something unique to the space in terms of appearance and texture while still giving you some greenery. Better yet, this hearty plant is strong so it is perfect for those with a tendency to kill houseplants. If you are working on your green thumb for the first time, a cactus is nearly impossible to kill thanks to their hearty nature. This is a plant that can last for years with the right care.

Regardless of which plant speaks to you, there are so many benefits to reap it just makes sense to add some green to the bedroom. Best of all, the use of indoor planters lets you express some extra style in the process!


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