Most Popular Interior Design Style by State

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Mar 21st 2018

By . President of Pots, Planters & More.

Home ownership is a big investment, which is why it’s important to love where you live. Sometimes, a room needs a makeover to help it feel like home. We looked at Google search trends across the country to see what the most popular interior design styles are by state, and which parts of the house were most renovated. Check out the graphic below to see where your interior design style lands in the United States of Design.

With home decorating networks, magazines, celebrity fads, and home makeover TV shows, there is no shortage of inspiration. The design styles that are most popular right now include bohemian (most popular among 14 states), Scandinavian (11), farmhouse (10), and art deco (5). While it’s not surprising to see Florida favors a coastal style, it’s interesting that New Jersey and Virginia also share their love of this look. Southwest design is synonymous with the directionally matched states of New Mexico and Arizona, but nowhere else. And Kansas, America’s Heartland, is searching for minimalist design more than anywhere else in the country.

As any host will tell you, the party always moves to the kitchen. No longer just a place to cook and eat meals, kitchens are the command centers and heart of the home, with the most traffic and daily use among households. It’s also the room that people most want to update, renovate, or makeover—the kitchen is the most Googled room for interior design among people in 17 states. After kitchens, people in 11 states most want a restful sanctuary. A bedroom is more than a place to sleep; it’s an escape from their busy day, and a private place to rest their heads peacefully. A well-appointed bathroom and a nicely designed backyard, perhaps with an outdoor kitchen defined with commercial planters, are areas that highlight and enhance a living space beyond their intended use. And while basements and living rooms are the least searched areas for a new design, improving these areas is always a bonus.

While residents of each state are researching interior design ideas, some are Googling more than others. The Great Plains states of North Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado are leading the country in most searches, along with California, Alaska, Ohio, Delaware, and Vermont. Following closely behind are other mid-country states: South Dakota, Montana, and Minnesota. All states west of the Rocky Mountains are in the mid-range for interior design searches. Nearly half (23 states) are on the low end of the search spectrum, concentrated in the Midwest, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast regions.

Perhaps people are looking to update an old structures, like in the century-old farmhouses of the Northeast and antebellum cities of the South. Perhaps they are rebuilding after weather disasters, like in Florida, Louisiana, California, and Texas. Perhaps people simply want to give their home a fresh look. Whatever the reason, people around the country are researching the best paint colors and accent rugs to create the room of their dreams.