Home Decor Trends

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Mar 5th 2018

By . President of Pots, Planters & More.

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Fashion is fickle—what’s hot one week is out the next. The same goes for the latest styles for the home. Check out this graphic to see which home décor trends are mega-popular, which have fallen out of favor, and which are making a comeback.

The Trending History of Home Decor. Click to see Google trend data!

Form & Function

The best inventions are the ones that marry form with function. Some timeless pieces of home furnishings remain popular for decades because they improve the form or function. For example, a coffeemaker has always been a kitchen staple but, upgrading the experience with a French press has become increasingly trendy, as is reflected by the term’s 201,000 average monthly searches on Google. After peaking in 2014, the Vitamix blender another example of form and function raking in 246,000 average monthly searches

New & Trending

Some newly trendy items, like inflatable couches and geodes, are a reflection of another time and era, now circling back into favor. These “Comeback Kids” trends were popular in previous decades and are gaining interest again today. The avocado fridge is a perfect example. After flat lining in 2005, it is now gaining momentum year after year. Before investing in thousands of dollars of new pieces, perhaps it’s time to raid your parents’ or grandparents’ basements for their vintage décor.   

Will It Stay or Will It Go?

While some trends are nearing the point of oversaturation—looking at you, Edison bulbs—other trends are still in their stylistic infancy, and only time will tell if they have staying power. “Happenin’” trends are ideas that are seeing more interest on Google than ever before. Many of the items are related to a particular look, like shabby-chic or rustic, and accessories like mason jars, succulents, cowhide rugs, and chalkboard walls are often used together to emphasize that design.

Luckily, not everything old is new again. The “Good Days are Gone” trends were once hugely popular but now on the decline. Things like futons, lava lamps, bead curtains, and La-Z-Boy chairs are deeply associated with a kitschier time that may be known for many things, yet sophisticate style and polish it is not. Adding such strong elements to a home’s aesthetic can easily overtake a modern design.

Seasonal Trends

Then there are trends that continually peak on a seasonal cycle, remaining forever in demand, such as summer staples like wicker furniture or winter must-haves like crock pots. Whether you live in the Northwood’s of Minnesota or the Deep South of Georgia, a flickering fire adds a cozy element to the holiday season, making fake fireplaces another seasonal favorite. Big ticket items, like the Kitchen-aid mixer, seem to be on every Christmas list, so it’s unsurprising to see these kitchen workhorses always in demand.

Our homes are the canvas we use to show the world our tastes and style, and finding the right home décor goes a long way to reflect that. Don't forget to bring style to your yard in spring with our collection of luxurious planter boxes. After all, there’s no place like home.