Fresh Ways to Add Flowers to Your Home

Posted by Jason Wyrwicz on Dec 9th 2019

Flowers offer a pretty touch of color and pleasing aesthetic appeal overall that makes them ideal for home décor. When looking for ways to add fresh flowers to your home, it may feel a bit overwhelming. With our tips on choosing flowers and finding the right indoor planters, it is easier than ever to add floral touches to your home.

Living and dining rooms with indoor plants

General Tips

  • Keep in mind the needs of the plant. When adding flowers to the home, you should first consider the needs of the plant. For instance, some flowers require full sun, partial sun, or limited sun, as well as other matters of care such as watering and pruning needs. These elements may help you narrow down which flowers are better suited to the specifics of your space.
  • Decide between flourishes and focal points. Another important aspect is to decide between flourishes and focal points or a mix of both. Flourishes are smaller touches such as indoor planters on the tables or window ledges. Focal points are larger house planters or more extravagant floral displays used to highlight an area or highlight the display itself.
  • Choose based on room. When choosing the right flowers and planter styles, an easy way to narrow down the choices is to decide based on the room. This lets you narrow down the choices and accommodate the different functions of the space. For instance, a bedroom and a kitchen have different functions and therefore require different types of flowers.

Flower Suggestions by Room

Living Room

The living room is designed to be a place of community. It walks a line between being a place for entertaining and also being a place of relaxation. When choosing the flowers, you should opt for options that are bright and inviting. A good choice for this room is sweet pea. This flower is a climbing flower that naturally creates a touch of elegance while adding a pretty pop of color. The rich purple color works well as a focal point as well. Another great choice would be tulips since these flowers are brightly colored in hues of red, yellow, pink, or white. The diversity of their color choices makes them suitable for a wide range of color schemes in terms of décor.


When adding house planters with flowers to the bedroom, you should keep in mind a few things. For starters, this room is a place of relaxation and rest. More than any room in the house, the bedroom should be like an oasis which is why many people simply choose their favorite flowers without much additional thought. While that approach is certainly acceptable, there are also a few other contenders for this space. Lilacs are a great choice for the bedroom because they are fragrant with a pleasing scent. More importantly, lilacs may be used as a means to relive stress and help with sleep as they also work for aromatherapy purposes. Another great choice, roses are a favorite for many people and offer a wide range of color choices. When looking for a romantic option, consider red roses in your favorite tabletop planter or even white roses for a clean, classic vibe.


The kitchen is a room of many functions in most homes. It can serve as a room for cooking, eating a quick meal on busy days, or gathering with family and friends to enjoy each other's company over coffee. Since this is such an important room, the floral choices should be carefully considered. The kitchen can also be prone to a lot of heat but lacking in natural sunlight plants need to thrive so it is even more important to choose carefully. It makes sense that the top choice for kitchens would be succulents. These robust plants can tolerate higher temperatures and may even thrive more in such an environment. While most people think of succulents as the standard cactus, there are other options in this group with some giving off hues of beautiful pink and purple. Another great choice for the kitchen would be tropical flowers if your kitchen has some access to natural light, either by way of a skylight or windows.


The bathroom is one of the most often overlooked rooms when it comes to adding flowers, but it can really make a big impact on the overall space. Since the bathroom has a significant moisture presence, it's important to choose flowers capable of surviving this type of setting. Orchids are great for this sort of area because they thrive well under humid conditions and without a lot of sunlight since many bathrooms are short on natural light. Another great option is the oriental lily which offers beautiful blooms of pastel colors. They also offer a pleasing fragrance perfect for the bathroom.

Choosing Planters

Once you have the flowers in mind, you will need to choose the right indoor planters. Here are a few suggestions on choosing the right house planters:

  • Consider durability. The durability is important in any room of the house, but even more so in high traffic areas of the home. The planter should be durable enough to last for years thanks to the strong material, such as fiberglass, and thoughtful elements to sustain the planter such as a protective coating.
  • Look for the right colors. When choosing the planters for adding flowers to your home, the color is key to creating a pleasing overall decor element. If the color of the planter clashes with the rest of the decor, it will look out of place. The key is to find colors that are either similar enough to blend in or different enough to act as statement pieces.
  • Play with shapes. The shape of the planter can also be used to great effect when designing the space. For instance, round planters are warm and inviting while square or rectangle planters offer a modern touch.

With these tips and flower suggestions to guide you, it is easier than ever to bring the fresh touch of flowers to your home.

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