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Low Profile Fiberglass Planter Boxes

Low Profile Planter Boxes - Fiberglass - 12" Tall Collection





Versatile, durable, and stylish, a Kiel low-profile planter box is easy to incorporate into any décor.

  • A blend of classic and contemporary style elements ideal for any space.
  • Perfect for flanking a walkway, path, or door for dramatic appeal.
  • Available in durable, easy-care finishes that hold up to the elements.

At three feet long and only one foot high, the Kiel rectangular planter’s stylish low profile makes it the perfect understated backdrop for bright, attention-grabbing plants or pair more subtle plantings with a bright finish to let your new planter shine! Use the 36″ Kiel rectangle planter to line a walkway or patio, or use inside a home or business to define a space and bring the outdoors in.

If you need a substantial piece to hold up to a large space in a home or yard, the 48″ fiberglass planter is made to suit. It’s also a great option for bringing a touch of nature to a patio or deck. With a variety of hand-painted finishes available, the clean, simple shape of the large rectangle planter can be customized to suit your décor, and the durable fiberglass is made to hold up to the elements outdoors while conveying high quality and style inside. This stylish planter is made to last for years to come, and its classic design will never go out of style.

When a space needs a long, narrow design element to line a wall or patio, the 65-inch long fiberglass planter box fits the bill in high style. This large and stylish planter creates instant landscaping appeal to any outdoor space, or it can up the character of an indoor space for a dramatic touch.

Available in a variety of different hand-painted finishes, this versatile rectangular planter offers sophisticated flexibility. Place it behind a tall couch or outside in front of floor-length French windows on a balcony or use to create separation between two outdoor spaces.

Colors depicted on your screen may vary from how the planter looks in different lighting situations. To guarantee color match, please order a sample from our available color swatches.

Availability: Finished once you order.  Most orders ship in 5-7 business days

Drainage: Choose no drainage for indoor, or add drainage for outdoor applications

Material: Fiberglass

Finish: Over 20+ standard matte and gloss finishes

Dimensions & Weights

69013 – 36″L x 14″W x 12″H – 33.5″L x 11.5″W opening – 16.5 lb (36″ Kiel)

69030 – 48″L x 14″W x 12″H – 45″L x 11″W opening – 23 lb (48″ Montserrat)

69719 – 48″L x 18″W x 12″H – 45.25″L x 15.25″W opening – 32 lb (48″ Lyon)

69010 – 65″L x 14″W x 12″H – 62.25″L x 11.25″W opening – 30 lb (65″ Narbonne)

70100.36 – 36″L x 24″W x 12″H – 33″L x 21″W opening –  29 lb (36″ Antwerp)

70100.48 – 48″L x 24″W x 12″H – 45″L x 21″W opening – 34 lb (48″ Antwerp)